Where Are Frabill Products Made?

manufactures fishing gears for the fishing industry. The Company offers a variety of ice, fresh, and salt water fishing products including ice chisels, nets, rods, reels, ice shelters, bait care management, fishing apparel, bait traps, hand augers, and tip-ups. Frabill conducts business in Jackson, Wisconsin.

Do frabill nets float?

It’s a simple net that doesn’t tangle like traditional nets. Oh yeah it floats It’s perfect! Works great for trout.

Does frabill have warranty?

If you choose to purchase products through the Site, our standard terms and conditions of sale, product warranty, and return policies apply Such terms are available at: Warranty Returns.

Is frabill a good brand?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Product This is a great product. I already own an older frabill ice shelter that is 10 years old and is still holding up. Frabill is a grat product and I am happy with my new ice shelter.

Where are frabill Nets made?

Whether you’re wading, kayaking, or fishing from a small boat, be sure to keep your Frabill Landing Net close by at all times! Made in USA.

How do you measure for a replacement fishing net?

For sizing the right net, measure the hoop on your net, width first then length(end of pole to outer-most edge of hoop) , those two numbers should not be larger than the size of net you’ll need.

How do I contact frabill?

Call Frabill customer service at (800) 226-9868.

Who makes frabill?

plano molding acquires sporting goods company Frabill Plano, based in Plano, Ill., has been injection molding tackle boxes since 1952 and it continues to make a variety of tackle boxes and tool boxes as well as carrying cases for items ranging from archery equipment to golf clubs.

Who bought frabill?

Plano Molding Co. of Plano, IL has acquired Frabill Inc. of Jackson, WI in a deal that unites two iconic fishing tackle brands that have been serving anglers and outdoor enthusiasts for more than 70 years.

Whats the best tip up?

  • Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Rail Tip-Up. Best Reliable Tip-Up
  • Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up. Best Insulated and Fastest Tip-Up
  • Frabill Arctic Fire Tip-Up. Best Budget-Friendly Tip-Up
  • Frabill 1664 Classic Tip-Up. Best Classic Tip-Up
  • HT Enterprise PTE-200 Polar Therm Extreme Tip-Up.

What is the biggest flip-over ice shelter?

This shelter is constructed with a full thermal skin, has all of the features like our thickest poles and tub for anglers that need the most rugged ice fishing shelter but want to go with others. Our largest flip-over fish house, the X400 , has a whopping total of 68 square feet of fishable space!.

What is the best ice fishing shanty?

  • Best Ice Fishing Shelter. Eskimo FatFish Series Pop-Up Portable Ice Fishing Shelter. Check Today’s Price.
  • Best One-Person Flip-Over Shelter. Clam Legend XL Ice Fishing Shelter. Check Today’s Price.
  • Best 6 Person Hub Ice Fishing Shelter. Clam 5-6 Person Portable Pop-Up Fishing Shelter.

What is the warmest ice fishing tent?

  • Best Basic Ice Fishing Shelter: Eskimo Quickfish2.
  • Best Ice Fishing Shelter for Two People: Frabill Fortress 260.
  • Best Ice Fishing Shelter for Four People: Eskimo Outbreak 450i.
  • Best Ice Fishing Shelter for a Big Group: Clam C890 Thermal Shelter.

How big of a fish net do I need?

For delicate fish, like small stream trout, opt for a small, micro-mesh. For bass and walleye, a heavier mesh is needed with holes averaging an inch in size. Of course, for big fish a 1.5- to 2-inch mesh is recommended.



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