When Should You Throw Glide Bait?

glide baits can resemble trout/ gizzard shad/ perch and other types of fish that bass feed on. Fall is a prime time to fish Glide baits. For the most part, anglers have learned that these lures produce best in the late pre-spawn, and mid to late fall.

What’s the difference between a swimbait and a glide bait?

A glide bait is nothing more than a single jointed hard swimbait that swims with a wider S-motion in the water What gives the bait category its name however is the ability to pop or pull the rod and cause the bait to careen and glide off to one side, often triggering a following bass to strike.

What ratio do you want for Glide bait?

To throw glide baits, Knight recommends a Lew’s BB2 Inshore Speed Spool with a 7.1:1 gear ratio paired with 20- to 25-pound-test Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon.

What is the best color for a glide bait?

In clear water, the best color glide baits are natural colors that resemble the forage fish that bass (or other predators) are feeding on This could be shiners in some lakes, bluegill in others, or hatchery trout in lakes that are regularly stocked with trout.

Do glide baits sink?

A good glide bait should “sit” well in the water. I mean, it should not sink on its side Also, it should hold water properly. For that, there are great non-expensive glide baits that will be enough for you.

What kind of rod do you use for glide baits?

For small to medium sized Glide Baits, a 7’6″ – 8′ Heavy or extra heavy swimbait rod will get the job done. When fishing magnum-sized Glide Baits, increase rod length and power. Typical of most treble hooked baits, a rod with a Moderate or parabolic bend will help you to keep the fish pinned.

Do glide baits float?

Not only does the Molix Glide Bait 178 Floating provide an unbelievable swimming action, it is covered in highly realistic details including 3D eyes, soft 3D fins, textured scales, molded gill plates, and a special UV coating that will fool the most lure-shy bass into biting.

What is a 8.1 gear ratio good for?

High gear ratio reels | 7.1:1 thru 8.1:1 High gear ratios are best for techniques where taking up slack and bringing a bait back to the boat are critical. Topwaters, jerkbaits, jigs, plastics and even lipless crankbaits warrant the use of a high-speed reel.

What size hooks for glide baits?

Poppa Pete is a silent slow sinking glide bait weighing 5 Ounces and 10 inches in length equipped with heavy-duty hardware, size 2/0 hooks , and rotating hangers.

Are swimbaits good for bass?

Fishing swimbaits for bass is a unique experience and one that requires a bit of expertise and finesse These are big fishing lures, and they’re known for bringing in trophy bass, but you do have a good chance of catching smaller bass as well.

What is a good crankbait rod?

We chose the Dobyns Champion XP 764CB as the best overall crankbait rod because it runs the most popular crankbait range exceptionally well and it can branch out to shallow or deep divers. It’s also very well made. If you had to choose one crankbait rod to have on your boat, this is a great choice.

When should you throw a hard swimbait?

The prime time to throw a swimbait in the shallows is after a shad spawn Spinnerbaits are typically great lures for throwing during this time, but swimbaits will outperform blade baits in clear-water situations or on waters experiencing heavy fishing pressure.

What is the best gear ratio for Baitcasters?

The most common reel on the market has a 6.4:1 gear ratio. This will allow you to work both fast moving presentations as well as slow. However, for certain techniques and applications, a very high or low gear ratio will often work best. For instance, burning a spinnerbait or buzzbait is best done with a 7.1:1 reel.

What gear ratio is best for fishing?

Best Gear Ratio For All Around Fishing The goal is to find the gear-ratio-of-best-fit that can accommodate a large variety of fishing methods. For this, we recommend using a slow to medium gear ratio from 4.9:1 to 6:1 for all-around fishing like those found in our fishing combos.

What gear ratio is best for crankbaits?

Low gear ratio reel | 5.1:1 thru 5.4:1 A lower fishing gear ratio reel is ideal for big baits that pull a lot, such as deep crankbaits. These reels have the highest amount of torque, allowing you to put less effort into retrieving the bait and more energy towards finding the fish.

Does green pumpkin work in dirty water?

In dirty water, it would show up darker, but they can still tell the difference between the green and the black So, the green pumpkin color provides contrast, and it looks natural.” Sexton also notes that green pumpkin holds up well in a respectable range of scenarios.

What are swimbaits for?

This type of lure is designed for fish over 10 lbs. and started as a novelty lure out West. Swimbaits are now used all over the country, primarily for bass or bigger fish There are multiple sizes of swimbaits, but the most popular sizes are between 6”-12” long.

What are blade baits?

A blade bait is a metal crank bait that features two sets of treble hooks, one on each end It relies on vibration and sound to get the fish to react on a reaction strike. A blade bait consists of a flat metal spoon with a weighted nose. The blade bait will vibrate on the retrieve and vibrate on the lift.

What is crankbait fishing lure?

A crankbait is a moving bait made for catching the predatory species of fish under the surface as a moving animal imitating a baitfish in its environment These lures are designed so that the user can control how deep they dive in the water.

What size rod is best for swimbaits?

Generally, you’ll want to look for a rod that’s around eight feet in length A couple of inches short of that or over that is fine, but an even, eight-foot length is ideal. If the rod you choose is too short, you won’t be able to land the monster fish, like a musky, with your large swimbait.

What rod is best for swimbaits?

One of the best swimbait rods for the money is the Dobyns Fury Series FR 795SB It’s a 7′-9″ medium-heavy rod with a fast action tip. It’s rated for one to five ounces, meaning it will handle baits within that weight range. This is just an all around great swimbait rod.

What size hooks for big swimbaits?

Too large of a hook will not only affect the action of the swimbait negatively, but it will make it look unnatural. A good rule of thumb on the Spark shad is to use a 5/0 or 6/0 on the 5 inch, 4/0 on the 4 inch, and 3/0 on the 3 inch.



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