What Year Did Zebco 33 Come Out?

In 1953 , the Zebco 33 spincast reel debuted. The improved design was an immediate success. By 1956, reel manufacturing had become so important to ZHB that it ceased production of oil field materials and changed its name to Zebco.

Whats the difference between Zebco 33 and 202?

The most important differences between the Zebco 33 and 202 The 33 has one ball bearing, while the 202 has none This makes a big difference in terms of smoothness of retrieval action. Bottom line: The 33 has smoother retrieval action than the 202, due to the fact that it has a ball bearing, while the latter has none.

What is Zebco 33 bite?

What is the Bite Alert™ feature and how is it used? The Bite Alert ™ feature allows you to set the reel to emit a loud clicking sound when a fish takes your bait (handy when you’re away from your reel or when it’s sitting in a rod holder). Just flip the switch to turn it on or off.

Is Zebco 33 a good reel?

Quality/Construction: The Zebco 33 is a surprisingly stout little reel made with a stainless steel exterior mixed with a composite body. The joint lines where different materials and parts of the reel come together are actually very good but the handle and knobs do exhibit a bit of play in them.

What was the first Zebco reel?

They partnered with Hull and produced their first reel, called the Standard , in May 1949.

Which Zebco 33 is the best?

  • Zebco Omega Pro (Most Durable) .
  • Zebco 33 Spincast (Best On A Tight Budget) .
  • Zebco Bullet (Editors Top Choice) .
  • Zebco 808 Saltwater Spincast (Best Medium-Duty On A Budget) .
  • Zebco 888 Spincast (Best Zebco Reel For Larger Fish)

How many bearings does a Zebco 33 reel have?

The durable 33 Platinum has sturdy all-metal body and gears, 4 stainless steel bearings and an instant anti-reverse clutch and a 4.7:1 gear ratio for smooth, and fast retrieves.

How much line should I put on a closed face reel?

The spool is full when the line is about 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch from the top TIP: It is handy to pre-mark the top of the spool with a sharpie pen. When the reel is full of line, cut the line so that you have enough to reach back from the tip to the reel.

Can you use a Zebco 33 in salt water?

Now, meet the Zebco 33 MAX Spincast Reel, the souped-up version of the original, designed especially for chasing big fish in both fresh- and saltwater Just the fact that it comes pre-spooled with 20-lb. Cajun Line® should tell you what this reel is meant to handle.

Is Zebco a good fishing brand?

Zebco is the undisputed market leader in the spincast reel category , and has been for many decades. This is not entirely surprising, since they invented the first spincast reel in 1949. And while they also make other reel types, spincast reels are by far their most popular models.

Is Zebco still in business?

As it is four years later Zebco is now owned by the WC Bradley Company , and although its manufacturing opeation is overseas its headquarters is still here. “You still have design, engineering, your quality assurance, marketing, sales, finance everything is still based in Tulsa.”.

How did Zebco 33 get its name?

The regional marketing name – Zebco – became popular, but the bottom of each reel’s foot was stamped with the the name of the manufacturer, Zero Hour Bomb Company. The official name change to Zebco came in 1956, soon after a friend of President Dwight D. Eisenhower asked the company to send a reel to the president.

What is the biggest Zebco reel?

Zebco 808 spincast reel Together with the other model, this is the biggest Zebco spincast reel, and is clearly intended for heavy duty applications. While its retrieval action isn’t quite as smooth as the 888, it’s more durable in saltwater conditions, making it the better choice for sea anglers.

What does Zebco mean?

Company officials say they take pride that Zebco–which stands for Zero Hour Bomb Co –has become an American tradition. As part of that tradition, workers have placed miniature American flags along the assembly lines.

Can you put braided line on a Zebco?

Can you Use Braided Line on a Zebco 33? Well, in theory, you can. But in real life, I wouldn’t recommend it If you need to use a braided line because it is stronger and more suitable for the large fish species you are targeting, than using spincasting reel is not the best option.

Where are Zebco reels made?

Zebco decided to make most of its low-end reels at factories in China.

Does Zebco make a baitcaster?

Zebco Propel LH Baitcaster PPL101S. BX3 – Walmart.com.

What brands does Zebco own?

The Zebco®, Rhino® and Martin® brands compete in recreational freshwater rods and reels. The Quantum®, Fin-Nor® and Van Staal® brands are targeted at avid fishermen from freshwater to offshore saltwater.

What is the best closed face fishing reel?

  • Zebco Omega Pro. Sale. OMEGA PRO 3SZ SC REEL 10# .
  • Quantum Fishing Zebco Omega Z03. Zebco Omega Spincast Fishing Reel, Size 30. $79.89
  • Zebco 33 Authentic Spincast Reel. 4,256 Reviews
  • Pflueger President Spincast Reel. 42 Reviews
  • Daiwa Goldcast GC100. 118 Reviews.

When did Zebco go to China?

In 2001 , it cast a line into deep water by moving production of its rod-and-reel sets and most of their packaging—what Zebco calls flatboards (carded blister-packs that merchandise the rod-and-reel combinations) to China. An estimated 90 percent of the packaging components were obtained overseas at that time.

Who bought out Zebco?

Rather Outdoors (“Rather”), a global leader in the fishing industry, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Zebco Brands (“Zebco”), the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based manufacturer of fishing rods, reels and accessories.

Who made the first spincast reel?

Albert Illingworth , 1st Baron Illingworth a textiles magnate, patented the modern form of fixed-spool spinning reel in 1905.

What are spincast reels good for?

They are also for average fishing , which almost all of us do. They are not suited for turning huge flathead catfish in fast water or stopping the searing run of an airborne steelhead. But, for the action most people see, panfish, walleyes and light-duty bass fishing, they work great.

What is Zebco Cajun line?

Cajun Line®. Combined with a medium-heavy action durable fiberglass rod, it’s maximized for larger species and maximized for value, at an affordable price Roam Spinning Combo. Take your adventures off the beaten path with the new Roam™ spinning combo.

Is Zebco 33 ambidextrous?

Zebco/Quantum, 33 Platinum Spincast Reel, 4.1:Gear Ratio, 22 Retrieve Rate, Ambidextrous.

How do you string a Zebco slingshot?

Remove the cover of the Zebco reel by twisting in a counter clockwise motion. Be sure to pull enough string through the last eye, before you twist off the cover. Thread the string through the cover’s center hole. Push the release button on the reel and the catch reel will move forward.

What is a spincast fishing rod?

A spincasting rod has small line guides and a straight handle Spincasting tackle is often used while fishing for bluegill, crappie and other panfish. The spincasting reel mounts on top of the rod’s handle. The fishing line comes out of a small hole in a cover on the front of the reel.

Why does my fishing line keep getting tangled?

As stated above, the most common cause of line tangles associated with braided line is casting into the wind (hence the name wind knots). Take the time to position yourself to have the wind to your back whenever you can. If you are unable to cast with the wind, try casting low to the surface of the water.

What should your drag be set at?

Your drag should be set at a number that is 1/4 to 1/3 of your line’s breaking strength So if you’re using a 40 lb braid, your drag setting will be between 10 and 13 lbs at strike.



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