What Lures Are Good For King Salmon?

The answer without question: Luhr Jensens’ Kwikfish ! For anyone that has fished the Kenai for king salmon, the name Kwikfish should definitely ring a bell. Many anglers who have landed seventy, eighty and even ninety pound king salmon will point to this magical lure as the key to their success.

What is the best kingfish lure?

The most effective for larger kingfish have been the nomad stick bait and popper range The Nomad Riptide has amazing action and a reputable lure for a large range of pelagics. Sinking hard bodies are the go to when fish are not feeding or pushing bait to the surface.

What color lures do salmon like?

Use a lure that has sight, sound and smell. Use any color, as long as it is green The colors that show up in the deepest water are greens, blues and blacks.

What size hooks for king salmon?

You get the idea. Hook size and durability need to match your fishing rod selection. For King Salmon, I like to use Gamakatsu Big River Bend hooks of at least 1/0 , but more than likely I’m using 3/0 for river fishing presentations and 4/0 – 5/0 as part of saltwater presentations.

What size kwikfish for king salmon?

This device can be used instead of a sinker when trolling, backtrolling, or plunking a salmon-sized Kwikfish. Although the Jet Diver is available in a size 10 (popular for trout and steelhead), the sizes preferred by salmon anglers include the 20, 30, 40, and 50.

What is the best time to catch kingfish?

Kingfish tend to feed when there’s some current flowing. Hook-ups often occur with the first drop or two of a jig or livebait, before the fish become suspicious and the bite shuts down. Often there’s a good bite just before dusk and sometimes early in the morning, but bite times can occur any time during the day.

What is the best size reel for kingfish?

Spinning reels from medium to large 4000-10000 are suitable for catching snapper and kingfish. A medium 4000 size reel is great for inshore lure fishing, while a large 10000 size spinning reel is better suited to fishing with bait for bigger kingfish and northern species like red emperor and coral trout.

What colors do king salmon see best?

Pink/Orange : Underneath sunny conditions on glacial river systems, enough adequate wavelengths of light transmitted from the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep enough through turbid water to allow kings to see brighter colors. This is likely the best color combination to use in glacial systems when sunny.

What colors do king salmon like?

Chartreuse and blue Chartreuse and blue is by far and away my favorite color combination for king salmon. It certainly appears to work better the closer to sea that you use it. It works great in bright sunny conditions but definitely don’t ignore it on those dull, cold, wet, ‘salmon’ days either!.

What color can salmon not see?

Even in the brightest moonlight the fish will not see colour, only shades of grey Studies on Brown and Rainbow trout shows that there are however two periods of light adaptation within this cycle, these coinciding with dawn and dusk – the main feeding times.

What kind of bait do salmon like?

The 4 best baits for fishing salmon in rivers are the spawn bag, the trout bead, the fly, and the plastic worm These baits come in different sizes and colors and some will fish better than others depending on the conditions.

What depth do salmon swim at?

In the spring, anglers are fishing in 20 to 30 feet of water. In the warm months of summer, the fish may go as deep as 250 feet.

What temperature do king salmon like?

Speaking of kings, Keating said he prefers cold water – 42 to 48 degrees – for summer chinooks. While they can be caught from water colder or warmer than that, that’s his favorite range for the most aggressive trophies.

Do salmon hit lures?

Fishing guides use salmon lures when fishing and guiding for salmon in rivers because lures are an effective way to catch salmon and because it’s exciting when the big aggressive salmon hits the lure.

What size lures for salmon?

For salmon, try using the 1/2 ounce or 1/4 ounce lure. What is this? This lure comes in solid colors and patterns. Some of the patterns, like brown trout, mimic other types of fish.

Will salmon take lures?

The Mepps Aglia Flying C Spinner Lure, or flying condom, is an excellent choice of lure for Salmon Seatrout and Trout This particular lure has been a number 1 best seller for many years, provided in different colours and different sizes, there is a colour and size to suit all water conditions.

Who is the pound leader for kingfish?

Around 24-37kg gear is recommended, connected to around 3-5 metres of 37-45kg (80-100lb) trace This is a long leader, but it needs to be.

How long should a kingfish leader be?

The length of the main leader is usually around 24 inches , just long enough to prevent a cut-off should the fish strike the head of the bait.

What size hook is best for salmon?

There are light, regular, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 6x gauge hooks. Typically I use regular or 1x for salmon, lingcod, and rockfish. Most people will use stronger gauge hooks for halibut and lingcod.

What time of day is best for salmon fishing?

In general, the magic hours of early morning just before sunrise, and late evening just after sunset are the best for salmon fishing. The phases of the moon come into play, high and low tide, and even low-pressure systems moving in can enhance your opportunity.

What do I need for salmon fishing?

But for salmon fishing, you may want to already look for an 8.5 to 9 feet long fishing rod and a variety of fishing lines to suit your catch (for example, a 20-25 lb. line for Chinook salmon and 10-15 lb. for Pink Salmon). You may also need a non-corrosive reel for fishing in saltwater.

What is the sharpest hook for fishing?

  • Eagle Claw 139GEH-8 Snelled Hooks
  • JSHANMEI Circle Fishing Hooks
  • Shaddock Fishing Offset Circle Fishing Hooks Kit
  • Gamakatsu Octopus Hook Pack
  • Mustad Classic Treble Hook
  • Mustad Ultrapoint Demon Perfect In-line Circle 3 Fishing Hook
  • Goture Jig Hooks Set Kit.

Can you use treble hooks for salmon?

– Rick S. Answer: No, you may not use treble hooks for salmon in the area you describe Only single barbless hooks may be used, and whether trolling or drifting with bait (mooching), you may only use two single, barbless hooks per line.

How deep does a K15 Kwikfish dive?

The K14, K15 and K16 sized Kwikfish will dive from 8- to 12-feet when trolled or backtrolled on a flat line (without additional weight). The exact div- ing depth achieved will depend on current speed, line diameter, and the amount of line out.

What Colour lures do kingfish like?

In New Zealand, this mainly means natural colours, like shades of greens, silvers, blues, whites, etc. If you’re targeting kingfish (either trolling lures or stick-baits), you’ll be wanting to replicate fish like Jack Mackerel, Blue Koheru, Piper, and even Squid.

What size lures for kingfish?

Topwater: Stickbaiting – Spartan S85 paired with a Saltiga 14,000 loaded with 80lb J Braid and 150/200lb leader You can downsize your leader to 120lb or even 100lb if you’re fishing heavily fished areas. Popping: the Spartan S80 paired with the Saltiga 14,000 loaded with 80lb J Braid and 150/200lb leader.

What is the depth of a kingfish?

Kings are “green water” fish for the most part, traveling the band of water between the beaches and the indigo depths of the continental shelf. Preferred depths seem to be anything from 20 to 250 feet , with some big ones found at times on the deep edge of the continental shelf and over deepwater wrecks.

Is 10kg drag enough for kingfish?

The BG range of reels are incredibly strong and robust. The 5000 BG has a drag capability up to 10kg so I recommend up to 8.5 to 9kg drag pressure max and 30 to 50lb braid.

How much drag do you need for kingfish?

The reels also need to have good drags, offering at least 10-12kg of drag to help put the hurt on big kingfish. Again, you will need to tie an 80lb-120lb mono leader of approximately 10-15ft which is then connected straight to the solid, hook ring on the jig.

How do I know what color lure to use?

Dark or Light depending on the weather. Choose lure colours according to weather and water conditions The general rule for lure color is “bright day, light colors; dark day, dark colours.” On bright, sunny days and in clear water conditions, choose lures that are light in colouur and mimic natural patterns.

Can salmon see in the dark?

The salmon compensate for this: A simple biochemical switch in their retinas gradually enhances their ability to see infrared light. The salmon effectively transform their eyes into night-vision goggles , so they can see further into the murky water where they’ll fight, mate, spawn, and die.

How fast do you troll for salmon in the ocean?

Two mph is a good trolling speed for coho salmon, but a speed of 1.5 mph is a better speed for chinook salmon , and you will be fishing even deeper at the lower velocity.



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