What Kind Of Boat Is A Bertram?

Bertram is a Miami-based yacht designer and manufacturer that has been designing sport fishing yachts since the 1960s. Bertram yachts are known for their seaworthiness and innovative designs.

What is the smallest Bertram boat?

This, the smallest Bertram the company has built in many years, represents a giant leap from the old Spartan days of Moppie and the ubiquitous Bertram 31.

Is Bertram yachts still in business?

The Gavio Group has officially acquired US sportfish yacht builder Bertram Yachts from the Ferretti Group.

How much does a Bertram 61 cost?

Fort Lauderdale United States $3,961,979 USD The 2020 61′ 1″ BERTRAM Sport Fisherman 61 is a boat for sale located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. In Stock and built right here in Florida, the Bertram 61 is revolutionizing the deep-vee hull in the 21st century, paying homage to the iconic Bertram 54.

Where are Bertram boats manufactured?

Though many of the world’s top yachts are built in places like Germany and the Netherlands , Bertram made a some-what unique choice for the location of its new ship-yard in 2016: a 120,000 square-foot bayfront facility near Tampa’s West Shore Boulevard.

How many Bertram 31s were made?

Nothing in powerboating history has equaled the worldwide popularity of the original deep-V, the Bertram 31. Offered in several model configurations, over two thousand 31s were produced during her two decades of production, many of which were Flybridge Cruisers.

How much does a 31 Bertram weigh?

The weights varied over the years from 10,000 to 12, 000 lbs, very light for a 31 footer. Actually she’s 30′-7″. At that weight she does okay with smaller engines, which are desireable from her limited fuel capacity standpoint. But who the heck wants small engines in a boat like this?.

How much do Chris Craft boats cost?

new chris-craft boats, $100,000 – $250,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

Who founded Bertram Yachts?

1. Richard Bertram and His Fondness for Yachting. Bertram was a competitive sailor and owned a yacht brokerage firm, outside of Miami that he started in 1947. This was his bread before he began the Bertram Yachts.

What is a Bertram moppie?

The last in a series of Bertram 28-footers, the 28 Moppie is a well-styled inboard runabout with the quality engineering and rugged construction one expects in a Bertram product She’s built on a beamy, solid fiberglass deep-V hull with a steep 23 degrees of transom deadrise.

What does Bertram mean?

noun. a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “bright” and “raven.”.

What year did Bertram build a wooden boat?

In 1960 , using Hunt’s plans, Bertram built a 30′ wooden deep-V-bottom boat as a utility boat, which he named Moppie, after his wife Pauline, who got the nickname as a child.

What happened to Chris-Craft?

Genmar sold the Chris-Craft division in 2001 to Stellican Limited, a British private equity firm. Stellican then purchased the Chris-Craft trademark from News Corporation, thus reuniting the two parts of the company. On June 4, 2018, Chris-Craft was sold by Stellican to winnebago industries , the RV manufacturer.

Is Chris-Craft boat company still in business?

The Chris-Craft name had been famous for making boats for more than 100 years but the company had been closed for about nine months in 2001 when a London-based private-equity firm picked it out of the wreckage left by the bankruptcy of the Outboard Marine Corp.

Who made Chris-Craft engines?

But Chris Smith , the man responsible for the birth of Chris-Craft, passed away on September 9, 1939, at age 78. Smith had built a legacy that would go on for generations and shape the boating industry for decades to come.

Who designed the Bertram hulls?

The hull, designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design , is projected to reach a top speed of more than 40 knots with twin 460-horsepower diesels. Engine access will be through two engine boxes in the cockpit that will also serve as mezzanine seating for anglers watching their baits.



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