What Is The Difference Between Pescador And Pescador Pro?

perception pescador 12 vs Pro Most notably, the Pro features a removable stadium-style frame for a higher, drier and more comfortable seating position This is in comparison to the Pescador 12 seat, which is molded into the deck of the kayak with a simple padded cushion and folding backrest.

Are Pescador kayaks good?

A renowned performer, the Pescador 12.0 is the ultimate in versatile sit-on-top kayaks The multi-chine hull, broad shoulder and tracking keel creates a boat with maneuverability, glide and stability. Plenty of speed and capacity for any size paddler to enjoy a full day on the water.

Where are Pescador kayaks made?

Proudly designed, molded and hand assembled in the USA , the Pescador Pro kayak is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

How are perception kayaks made?

Our “roto” kayaks are made of high-density linear polyethylene , which is virtually maintenance free. A minimal amount of care in storage and transporting will help the kayak maintain a like-new condition for many years. Polyethylene will become more flexible when in warm conditions such as a hot, sunny day.

What are scupper plugs for?

Scupper plugs are designed to fit into the scupper holes in your sit-on-top yak. While the scupper holes are designed to allow water to drain from the deck, the scupper plugs can be used to prevent water from coming onto the deck from below.

How long do Perception kayaks last?

As previously mentioned, the kayak’s lifespan isn’t a specific amount of years. This is because a kayak’s lifespan can be as little as 4 to 6 years and as high as 12 to 15 years. However, the majority of kayaks out there have their lifespan at a relatively similar range of 7 to 12 years.

Is Perception kayaks still in business?

For over 40 years, Perception has introduced more people to paddling than probably any other kayak maker. We’re a company of passionate kayakers that proudly design, mold and hand-assemble every Perception kayak in Greenville, South Carolina.

Are Dagger and Perception the same company?

Dagger and Perception are both paddlesports brands in the Confluence Outdoor group.

Can I use my kayak without scupper plugs?

If you plan to paddle in calm waters and want to have a dry sitting area then plugs are a great choice The best option is probably to have them and take them in and out as needed or by the season. We do not recommend sealing your scupper holes completely.

Should I plug scupper holes?

So plugging them helps you paddle faster when you’re on your way to your fishing destination or heading back to the launch On the flip side, if it’s windy you’ll want those scupper holes unplugged so you sit lower on the water. That way the wind will have less boat to catch and move around.

Does a sit in kayak need scupper plugs?

Scupper plugs are only applicable for kayaks that have scupper holes Without scupper holes, there is simply no need for scupper plugs. It’s important to remember that scupper holes are included in sit on top kayaks for a reason. They are an important safety feature and highly recommended for beginner kayakers.



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