What Is The Best Wahoo Lure?

OUR TOP 5 BEST WAHOO LURES The Torpedo is perfect for any trolling application for Wahoo. From high speed to standard speeds (with or without leads) the Torpedo is our go-to Wahoo lure in all situations. The Torpedo Lantern is a cost effective wahoo lure pre-rigged on 4′ of 480# stainless cable leader.

What lures do wahoo like?

Wahoo aren’t really fussy and will eat just about anything that comes along, although big minnow lures like Laser Pro 190s and high speed lures like the Max 190 and Max 130 bibless minnows will do the trick.

What color lures do wahoo like?

Luring Wahoo Anglers will always choose lures when they’re going to target wahoo. The best lure colours to choose from are black and purple, black and red, blue and white and orange and black Often black and purple is a very good choice as these colours resemble a squid.

What depth should I troll for wahoo?

Most will troll for wahoo in the 13-17 knot range, while others will pace around 20. The idea is to zig-zag from roughly 150-foot depth out to 500-feet essentially dragging your baits off the reef like a baitfish being flushed off the bank with the tide.

How much drag do I need for wahoo?

The “general” rule is to set the reel’s drag to 1/3rd of the line’s breaking strength So if the reel is spooled with 50lbs mono, set the drag for 15lbs for the fight.

How fast should you troll for wahoo?

Wahoo (also called ono) can swim at least 60 mph, so trolling at 14, 16 and even 20 knots is now commonplace using techniques developed by Capt. Ron Schatman, winner of a dozen major Bahamas wahoo tournaments over five years.

What water temperature do wahoo like?

Locating the fish wahoo tend to be ambush feeders, so they look for places to hide. Their preferred water temperatures is between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit They have, however, been taken in water temperatures as low as 68 degrees and as high as 85 degrees. On rough days wahoo tend to stay deep.

How much line do you need for wahoo?

Use about 4 feet of rigging cable. The 275-pound-test stainless-steel cable is a popular and good choice for big wahoo. Thread on a crimp, and connect the hook with an offshore loop (simply a double overhand, then the tag end through the hook eye) before you crimp it.

What tide is best for wahoo?

As Hunt explained, 200 to 400 feet is a good depth for wahoos on a low tide But on the last of an incoming tide and the first of an outgoing tide, bait is congregated around inlets and gamefish will be where the food is. “You’re getting your flyers, your ballyhoos, and your bonitos are in there chasing them.

Is wahoo hard to catch?

With speeds topping 60 miles per hour, you’ll know if you snagged a wahoo because your reel, quite literally, will be screaming “There’s not much else that can pull line off the reel like a big wahoo,” Capt. George McElveen told Sport Fishing Magazine.

Is wahoo good eating?

Wahoo is a great eating fish that can be cooked in a variety of ways. Because it has a meaty texture to it, it’s the perfect fish to grill but also tastes great baked or broiled. However it’s cooked, the most important thing to remember is to never overcook, it may be easy to do since it’s a lean meat.

How far behind the boat should I troll?

Bait Position and Distance Behind Boat Proper distance for most boats will be anywhere from 20 feet to 150 feet behind your boat. Whether you have inboard diesel or outboard gas engines, your power dictates the distance you troll your baits and lures.

Can you catch wahoo at night?

It reminded us of its presence with a high-pitched squeal. And, what do you know, wahoo will bite at night too ! We got things back out and got covered up again by a pack of bonitas. In fact, it’s apparent the fish are not as “boat shy” after darkness falls.

Where is the best wahoo fishing?

Some of the best Wahoo fishing in the world occurs on the Bahama Bank during the winter season and can peak in the months of February and March. These fish average 45lbs with many fish caught over the 70lb class. It is common to catch your limit of wahoo on the Bahama Bank when high speed trolling for Wahoo.

How fast can you troll a cedar plug?

Cedar plugs and their aluminum, plastic and chrome-over-brass derivatives not only perform when trolled at 8 to 10 knots , they’re also great for probing a little deeper in the water column.

How do you get the key to wahoo?

Jigging and Drifting and Slow Trolling High speed trolling for wahoo is very effective, but the opposite strategy also works well. Jigging is one popular way for anyone to target this Florida Keys sport fish. Hovering near flotsam or over structure, use heavy wire leaders and a combination of colored jigs.

What does wahoo fish taste like?

Wahoo is mild-tasting , with a firm, lean texture and large, circular flake. Grilled wahoo has been compared to chicken or veal in flavor. cooking tips: Although a versatile fish, wahoo benefits from cooking methods suitable for species with low fat content so the meat doesn’t dry out when cooking.

Can you catch wahoo from the shore?

Wahoo can be caught from near-shore to offshore waters in the Northeast from July into October, as long as warm Gulf Stream waters are in the area.

What’s the difference between a wahoo and a barracuda?

Despite their similar appearances, barracudas and wahoo actually belong to two completely different fish families. The barracuda is the more fearsome-looking of the two and has big, fang-like teeth, while the wahoo only has small needle-like ones The wahoo also has a much longer dorsal fin.

What size hooks for wahoo?

Hooks should be 7/0 to 10/0 depending on the size of your bait. Most of the trolling lures you are going to use will be rigged with ballyhoo. Choosing good ballyhoo will help with how long your baits will last.

What is a good size wahoo?

The Wahoo fish has a large mouth with strong, triangular, compressed and finely serrate teeth. Its snout is about as long as the rest of the head. The maximum reported size for Wahoo is 158 pounds (IGFA World Record). Wahoo commonly attain sizes between 40 and 65 inches in length, with maximum size reaching 98 inches.

How much drag do I need for a 30lb line?

As a general rule, the proper drag setting for nylon mono lines up to 20-pound test is 20 percent of the breaking strength of the line. For 30- through 50-pound mono, it’s 25 percent of the breaking strength , and for 80- through 130-pound mono, it’s 30 percent.

Is Wahoo Fish high in mercury?

Total mercury concentrations analyzed in dorsal muscle tissue of 208 wahoo from offshore waters of the southeastern United States and the Bahamas ranged from 0.021 to 3.4 mg/kg (wet weight), with a mean of 0.50 mg/kg (+/- 0.595 SD).

How long is a wahoo leader?

How long is the typical shock leader for wahoo fishing? It’s important to keep the length around 25 feet and to use quality components. We recommend using a good brand of leader and a ball bearing snap swivel. Some folks like to use 2 swivels, but that’s really unnecessary.

Where do wahoo fish live?

Wahoo are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world They are found in tropical waters year-round but are also found in higher latitudes during the summer.

How do you fish for wahoo in Florida?

One of the best ways to target wahoo is to load up with threadfins, pilchards or Spanish sardines, and run offshore to a weedline, rip, edge or color change in anywhere from 180 to 400 feet of water, shut down and drift while chumming.

What pound leader is mahi?

Mahi-Mahi Fishing Tackle In addition, it is recommended to have a 50 pound barrel swivel. Leader size can range from 30 to 80 pound flourocarbon and when using bait circle hooks of 6/0 to 9/0 are common. When trolling, fishermen should use 30 to 50 pound class rods and reels.

What line do you use for offshore trolling?

Monofilament, or mono , is not only the best saltwater fishing line for most applications, it’s also the most popular. Mono is thin, strong and subtle, water resistant and has good knot strength.

How fast is high speed trolling?

Trolling Technique A standard troll speed is usually around 8knts and high-speed trolling is up to 20knts Usually I average around 15 knots, but will fish at speeds starting at around 11knots all the way up to 20knots depending on the spread and the conditions (the rougher it is, the slower you go).



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