What Is The Best Bait To Catch Mackerel?

The best bait for catching mackerel is either a sandeel or strip of mackerel , but lures are also highly effective. I recommend the spinners listed on this page alongside japanese sabiki feathers for more hook ups. Fishing with baited mackerel feathers allows you to catch mackerel as well as other species.

What is the best month to catch mackerel?

General information. Mackerel are seasonal fish and usually arrive in our waters around late spring and leave early autumn. BUT. For the last two years, the mackerel have been arriving late September and staying through to January/February.

Where do you catch mackerel?

Gently sloping beaches aren’t the best shore marks to fish for mackerel. Mackerel like deep water, so steep-to beaches and piers, jetties and breakwaters are the places to try.

What tide is best for mackerel fishing?

An early spring high tide is the greatest time to go mackerel fishing. These are the tides that occur when the difference between high and low water is at its highest, and the flow of water is at its greatest intensity. When the tides are high, bait fish are pushed closer to shore, and mackerel follow them in.

What size mackerel can you keep?

Mackerel are great to eat but remember that the minimum size to retain mackerel is 30cm , and while it can be easy to catch many mackerel in a session only take what will be eaten or used as bait.

What type of rod do I need for mackerel fishing?

We recommend using a 10-12ft rod with a fairly heavy casting weight to deal with the rigours of feather fishing. Reel wise, we need a 60 sized saltwater fixed spool reel. This provides the cranking power required to deal with the multiple catches that you will inevitably encounter.

Is it easy to catch mackerel?

Being a true shoal fish, individuals have little time to be fussy over a potential meal, which makes catching mackerel very easy to catch on relatively simple tackle A small shiny lure such as a spoon, spinner or baitfish imitation, and float fishing with small strips of bait, are successful mackerel tactics.

Are mackerel in season now?

The ideal season to catch mackerel is from May to June , however they are taken in huge quantities throughout the summer and larger fish are occasionally captured in the winter.

What size lures for mackerel?

1/0 is a good all-around size Artificial lures can certainly be used when drifting the grass flats as well. Spoons, plugs, and jigs all work well when fan cast out in front of a drifting boat. Spanish mackerel are attracted to fast-moving flashy lures.

Is it better to fish on high tide or low tide?

Falling Tide Because water is in movement when a tide is changing, these times are the best times to fish. A falling tide occurs when a tide changes from high tide to low tide and is the best time of the day to fish. The best time to take advantage of a falling tide is two hours before low tide.

Are mackerel in yet 2021?

The mackerel stock is still in good condition and has consistently good recruitment, but the stock level has been slightly downgraded from last year The spawning stock is estimated to be 3.6 million tonnes in 2021.

Can you catch mackerel at night?

A few species do not generally feed in the dark and they include wrasse, plaice, mullet and mackerel, although there are exceptions. Calm, clear nights are generally more productive than when the sea is rough and coloured because the fish often feed much closer to shore in daylight in such conditions.

Are mackerel good to eat?

Mackerel is a nutritious fish for everybody It has high levels of essential fatty acids, which improve endurance and aid recovery after exercise, while helping to maintain beautiful skin.

How do you catch mackerel on a boat?

The easiest way to catch mackerel, garfish and sometimes bass is to tow your lures behind a slowly moving boat The depth at which you fish is dependent on the speed of the boat and the weight on your line. Ideally you need to be going dead slow, at tick-over speed if motoring and no more than 2 knots if sailing.

Where do mackerel go in winter?

Mackerel is a migrating fish and it swims in large shoals near the surface. During the winter season, the fish live near the seabed off the southwest coast of Norway , and in this period they eat very little. This changes between April and May, when the mackerel swim to the central parts of the North Sea to spawn.

Can you keep fish you catch in UK sea?

According to GOV, you only need a vessel licence if you plan to sell any of the fish that you catch and land (even if you only sell the excess to your friends). Sea fish caught and kept for personal use must meet size limitations for the UK do not need a license.

Do you need wire trace for mackerel?

Mackerel are toothy critters so it’s wise to make and use a wire trace , especially when fishing for mackerel with trolled lures.

What size hooks for mackerel feathers?

The vast majority of daylights and feathers come with size 2/0 hooks fitted, which is the ideal size for mackerel which are the main target of most anglers using this type of lure.

Do you need weights for mackerel fishing?

Mackerel fishing with feathers All you need is a sturdy rod, weights and some feather rigs A set of feathers imitates a shoal of bait fish. A “pull and wind” retrieve gives the best action. Simply lift the rod upwards to move the feathers up, then point the rod forward while you reel in the slack line.



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