What Is The Best Bait For Walleye In The Summer?

Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

How do you catch walleye when it’s hot?

You can catch summer walleyes trolling crankbaits or spinner harnesses, dragging live-bait rigs or dangling leeches beneath slip-bobbers All have their place, but Glorvigen says few anglers employ one of the best tactics of all, soft plastic, paddletailed swimbaits.

What depth do walleye like in summer?

In many situations, you’ll be trolling with 60-70 yards of leadcore out, which positions your lure at about 25-35 feet deep.

Why are walleyes so hard to catch?

It’s not impossible, but walleye seek out deep water and shade to avoid the harsh sunlight, and they tend not to feed actively during these conditions , so you’ll have to adapt your fishing locations and tactics accordingly.

What depth do you look for walleye?

On clear lakes, the best depths are usually in the 10-foot to 20-foot range However, fish movement does vary and depths as shallow as 2 feet and deeper than 20 feet can often be very productive as well. Live bait is most often used on tip-ups.

How do you catch walleye in high water?

The key to catching walleyes during high water is to fish for them as if they were bass , adapting bass-like presentations to the conditions. First off, try weedless jigs, tipped with softbaits like ringworms, paddle tails or curly tail grubs. Not heavy bass jigs with massive hooks and stiff weed guards, however.

How do you catch fall walleye from shores?

The best shoreline approach is simple and well known throughout walleye country: Go out after dark, make long casts with a floating Rogue and reel it back slowly and steadily Sometimes “slow” means moving the lure just enough to make it dive and swim a few feet beneath the surface.

What is the best color lure for walleye?

The most basic and most productive colors for targeting walleye are purple and green These colors come in a variety of shades and can be used in a large range of depths. For sunny days, select bright or flashy purple or green, and for cloudy days try a solid, darker green or purple.

What is the best time of day to catch walleye?

Generally, the best time to fish for Walleye is early morning and late evening When the sun is high at midday, Walleye move deeper and hold tightly to shade providing Cover. During periods of low light however, Walleye will move in shallow to feed on baitfish holding close to shore.

What do walleye eat in the summer?

Walleyes in inland lakes relate to the bottom most of the time, and at least during the day. They like hard-bottomed areas and will feed on yellow perch, shiners and other minnows along with crayfish and insects , depending on where the best feeding opportunities are located.

What month is best for walleye fishing?

Walleye fishing season is the best in spring during and after the spawning season However, summer nights and fall months are just as good for fishing for walleyes.

Are walleye bottom feeders?

Walleyes are basically bottom feeders , but don’t ignore those fish that suspend over drop-offs in deep lakes. Some of the best summer walleye fishing is provided by suspended fish.

Can you catch walleye in the middle of the day?

Walleye can be caught during the day but you’ll need a boat to get out deep after them. Walleye will be hovering behind schools of bait down deep far from shore. If you can only fish during the day, you’ll need to fish deep.

What size hooks for walleye?

The best all around hook size for walleye fishing is a size 2 to 6 single hook, or a size 8 to 10 treble hook In some cases it’s better to use smaller hook sizes, since walleye can be shy biters in lakes with a lot of fishing pressure, and often respond better to smaller finesse presentations.

How do you catch a walleye cast from a shore?

Rig swimbaits on a 1/2- to 1-ounce Owner Bullet Head Jig or Kalin’s Ultimate Saltwater Bullet Jig tied to 15- to 30-pound-test braided mainline These tactics work equally well in tailraces where smaller jigs go unnoticed by big walleyes and crankbaits get blown out by current.

Can you fish a bottom bouncer from shore?

Yes, you can fish bottom bouncers from shore, by casting them out and retrieving them with a spinning rod setup Just keep in mind that you need to use a shorter leader when you do this (less than 3 feet long), as long leaders are harder to cast, and tend to get tangled with your main line during the casting process.

Are walleye deep or shallow?

Consistent oxygen and temperature levels from top to bottom remove any barriers to fish movement; walleyes can essentially be anywhere, shallow to deep.

How do you catch walleye when not biting?

Slow, methodical lifts of a bucktail or twistertail will do the trick, and the addition of a minnow or worm may coax the inactive walleye to become more co-operative. If you are fishing a deep northern shield lake, then your best bet is to fish deeper, while keying in on productive structure areas.

Do walleye like steep breaks?

In fall, steeper structures on the west half of the lake are more attractive to walleyes than the sloping structures on the east half Expect walleyes to concentrate along portions of the western points or humps that plunge into deep water.

How do you catch walleyes in June?

Shallower sunken humps and islands will often hold walleyes during June , with deeper water structures holding more and more fish as summer wears on. Other good fish-holding spots on lots of lakes during June are major points that extend off the shoreline break and jut out into the lake.

Why don t fish bite when the water is high?

Because they’re feeding with their lateral lines, high water bass have dramatically reduced strike zones In a clearer water situation, it’s common for bass to swim several feet to chase down a bait. Decrease the visibility to inches, and that same bass may not even feel your bait unless it plops right in their face.

Where do fish go during high water?

“During high water, fish move towards the banks to find seams, pockets and eddies that provide calmer water and lower velocities. They hold behind rock substrate and submerged woody debris to find current breaks.

How do you fish when the river is high?

  • Follow The Water
  • Shallow Means SHALLOW! .
  • Bass In The Bubbles
  • Stay on the move
  • Hang Around The Hard Bank.

What is the best live bait for walleye?

The three most popular live baits for walleye fishing are hands down minnows, leeches and nightcrawlers Each of these baits has a time and place in Algoma Country.



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