What Is The Best Bait For Ice Fishing Pike?

So, what is the best bait for ice fishing pike? Live baits like minnows are always a good choice, but pike will gladly bite a dead one too, like suckers or shad If you prefer lures, try spoons, jigging swimbaits, or blade baits. Presentation and location are also very important.

What do you use for pike ice fishing?

The most common way to ice fish for Northern Pike is by using Tip-ups This ice fishing contraption is simple and effective. More Northern Pike have probably been caught using a treble hook and a sucker minnow on a Tip-up then any other method.

What depth should I ice fish for pike?

On small lakes, early in winter, we commonly see big pike with cameras or visually around weed edges and shallow wood like fallen trees and brush piles in 6 to 12 feet of water. The tip-ups placed there produce best, with baits suspended 5 to 6 feet down in 8- to 12-foot depths being the most typical array.

What color of lures work best for pike?

The very best lures to use for pike in clear water are swimbaits, softbaits, and crankbaits with an authentic pattern and swimming action. Natural lure colors that resemble the pike’s prey, such as white, silver, green, or black , have proven most effective.

What depth do pike like in winter?

Agreed, however, that in most prime lakes, most bigger pike come from 15 to 35 feet of water during midwinter. Granted, too, depth is relative. Twelve feet is relatively deep in a body of water where weedgrowth ends at 6 feet and maximum depth is 25 feet.

Why can’t I catch pike on lures?

Sometimes you have to virtually run the lure past the pike’s nose before it’s tempted to strike If fishing a narrow drain or canal, always cast your lure ahead of where you’re walking so you don’t spook the fish. Remember, pike are often laying in wait in shallow water and margins.

Do pike like topwater lures?

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a big smallmouth or a pike hitting the bait. Or they may miss the lure and their whole body flies out of the water like a missile” Topwater piking is a great program for adrenaline junkies. The natural reaction to an explosive topwater strike is an instant hook-set.

Do bigger lures catch bigger pike?

I have grown up fishing smaller lakes from the bank and most of us fished smaller 10-12 cm soft plastics, spinners and spinnerbaits close to the bottom. No doubt these lures will catch pike of all sizes including trophy fish , but this is sort of a “safe” way to fish for pike in which you are the one searching for pike.

Can you lure fish for pike in winter?

Winter is a great time to reach for a lure fishing rod and head out in search of perch, pike, chub and zander – four species that Farlows lure fishing expert, Sam Edmonds, knows very well indeed. A simple, strong snap, perfect for quickly changing lures.

What time of day is best for ice fishing?

The best time of day to ice fish is during the first couple of hours after sunrise, and for about 2 hours both before and after sunset These are the times when most fish are heading to their feeding grounds, and when most species are active.

What size lures for pike?

Go for lures in the 6-inch / 16cm range as these will be easy to cast and will catch pike of all sizes.

What colors do pike love?

The ability of slower retrieve along with a softer underwater tone gives you the injured fish action northern pike prey upon. Best pike lure colors: Red/Black or White (sunny days), Chartreuse/Blue (cloudy days).

How do you fish for pike in the winter?

  • Work Ledges. Chainsiders will gravitate toward a sharp drop from 6 to 12 feet in a 15-yard stretch
  • Fish Big Baits. Jumbo shiners and 4- to 6-inch perch or small sunfish get attention from the largest of water wolves
  • Find Weeds
  • Fish a Creek Mouth
  • Live and Let Die.

Where do big pike hang out in winter?

Winter pike haunts Focusing on weeds might work in shallow, small to moderate-sized lakes that are typically choked with wall-to-wall vegetation And it might work on larger lakes at last ice when the pike are migrating toward shallow bays, coves and rivermouths to spawn.

Do pike bite when its snowing?

Pike will remain active and feeding during the colder months of the year but have a harder time handling really cold weather conditions What is this? Frosty nights, sudden temperature drops, or a prolonged period of a cold front are all unfavorable weather conditions for pike and should hence be avoided.

How do you target a large pike?

If you’re fishing in shallow water (10 feet deep or less), you’ll want to suspend it in the bottom half of the water column If you’re fishing in water deeper than 10 feet, place the bait about three feet off the bottom, always keeping in mind that prowling pike like to silhouette their prey against a light backdrop.

Are surface lures good for pike?

Although you can never say never in fishing, cold water usually means that fish want to hug the bottom and you might struggle for action on the surface in the depths of winter! Early summer through to autumn/fall would be the classic recommendation for surface lure fishing for pike.

Do pike like jerkbaits?

Jerkbaits for Pike Are the Way to Go Northern pike are built for chasing down prey.

What’s the best time of day to catch pike?

Time of day As another rule of thumb, the best times for pike are usually around sunrise and sunset However, since in spring the weather isn’t as harsh yet and water temperatures allow pike to hunt for longer – you can successfully catch pike throughout the day.

Do pike like buzzbaits?

Buzzbaits catch many different species of predatory fish Canada and America enjoy great sport catching Northern Pike, Musky Walleye and Bass A great way to fish in the warmer months pulling the lure across the top of weed bed and other predator holding snags.

Do spoons catch pike?

Because pike have a reputation for getting weak in the presence of a casting spoon, anglers naturally gravitate this direction. It’s true that spoons do a fine job of tempting pike into striking , but my experience with spoons suggests that these baits work best when fish are actively feeding.

Can you catch pike on spinners?

Metal Spoons & Spinners: Although old school, spoons and spinners are still hugely effective pike catchers They can be worked at any level in the water with a varied speed of retrieve – don’t leave home without them.



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