What Is Double Spey?

What are the different spey casts?

The most common Spey casts include the “Double Spey”, “Single Spey”, as well as “Circle/Snap-T”, and “Snake Roll” which enable the angler to reposition their fly to make a static roll cast in a different direction. With these casts, an angler will be able to make a cast in any river position and in any wind condition.

What is the point of spey casting?

Spey casting is used for fishing large rivers for salmon and large trout such as steelhead and sea trout Spey technique is also used in saltwater surf casting. All of these situations require the angler to cast larger flies long distances.

How many Spey casts are there?

THE FOUR BASIC SPEY CASTS The two traditional Spey casts are the single Spey and Double Spey. To simplify these the single Spey is used when fishing the true left bank (left bank looking downstream) to position the cast across the river.

Where can I practice spey casting?

A Nearby Park A nearby park can be a great place to practice if you are able to go on a weekday when there are less people around and more room to cast. Again, be sure to remove your fly and replace it with ribbon or yarn while you practice in a large open field at the park.

Should I get a Spey or switch rod?

switch rods are better suited for nymphing than spey rods because of their shorter length and lighter weight makes them easier to stack mend line or highstick line. When swinging flies, spey rods can manage more line on the water because of their longer length.

How far can you spey cast?

The longer spey rod, generally 12 to 16 feet in length, allows the angler to cast the fly as far as 100 feet Highly proficient spey casters can toss a fly nearly 200 feet.

Who invented spey casting?

In the last ten years Spey casting with a two-handed rod has spread throughout the steelhead fly fishing world. This is a very old cast originating on the salmon rivers of Great Britain. It was first mentioned in The Book of the Salmon (1850) by Edward Fitzgibbon , who wrote under the pen name of Ephermera.

Are switch rods worth it?

These rods are an excellent tool for roll casting They are able to cast heavier flies for distance. Being good for small to medium-size streams does not mean you can’t get some distance. Spey casting with a short Skagit head allows you to fish larger waters and cast some real distance even with obstacles behind you.

How do I choose a spey reel?

Because Spey rods are longer (anywhere from 10′ through 15’+) so it takes a larger fly reel to balance them. For Spey rods, choose a reel that’s at least two line sizes heavier than the rod So partner a 7wt Spey rod with a 9wt fly reel (or 8/9/10). Spey lines also run thicker than regular single-handed lines.

What is Spey fly line?

“What is spey?” is a very common question for us to get at the fly shop. In the most basic terms, spey is simply a style of casting that allows anglers to throw generous amounts of line with minimal room for a traditional backcast This is accomplished through a framework of dynamic roll casting.

What is Euro nymphing?

What is “euro nymphing”? Euro nymphing is simply a method of fishing nymphs for trout that was born from competitive fly fishing tournaments Heavily weighted flies, and light tippet are used to quickly sink flies, and a “sighter” (multi colored section of monofilament) is used instead of an indicator (bobber).

What is a Perry poke?

The idea is to move the fly to a suitable anchor position by swinging the rod almost vertically upstream and once the fly is suitably re-positioned making a relaxed dropping forward move that re-positions the line loosely onto the water in a crumpled pile in front of the caster as shown.

Can you Euro nymph with a regular fly rod?

The short answer to that question is yes. You could pretty much use any trout rod to Euro nymph.

What is switch casting?

What is switch casting? Switch casting involves equipment and casts that can be made either overhand or under the rod tip (spey style) using one or two hands on the rods A true “switch rod” is one that can be used in all the ways mentioned above (over the top, under the tip, single handed or two handed).

Why does Trout Spey?

A trout spey can be used to minimize backcasting when fishing close quarters on tight streams but they are also often used on larger rivers when swinging flies for trout.

What is the meaning of Spey?

/ (speɪ) / noun. a river in E Scotland, flowing generally northeast through the Grampian Mountains to the Moray Firth : salmon fishing; parts of the surrounding area (Speyside) are famous for whisky distilleries.

What weight is a steelhead Spey rod?

The best steelhead fly rods will be 10 to 11 feet long and in the 8 weight range The best steelhead fly rod for great lakes steelhead is a 10 foot 7 weight rod and the best rod for west coast steelhead is a 10 foot 8 weight or 9 weight rod. These are the best rods for a few reasons.

Can you practice fly casting without a fly?

As a whole you can practice casting without a fly As a general rule when you’re practicing your casting at home or on grass, you’ll have your fly rod, fly line, and leader. This means that there is no need for the fly itself to practice fly casting.

How do you make a grass leader?

Making a grass leader is easy! Tie each section together using blood knots creating an 8-10 foot leader Leave tag ends long. Trim each tag end to approximately a 1/4 inch in length. Knots should be approximately 5 to 6 inches apart.



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