What Is A Tench Rod?

DESIGNED and built to the specifications of top tench anglers, the Tench Seeker is a 12ft two-piece rod with a 1lb 6oz test curve Its semi-progressive action is suited to casting feeders and leads and handling big tench in weedy swims. The sensitive tip can also be used for floatfishing.

What is the best rig for tench fishing?

Tench love maggots, and a maggot feeder rig gives you the best of both worlds – a pile of maggots presented right on top of your hookbait and an inline feeder set-up to help hook a fish once it has sucked in the bait.

What size hooks for tench?

The hooks you should be using for your specimen tench fishing are wide gape carp hooks with a size ranging from 8 to 12 , depending on the size of your hookbaits. I prefer strong carp hooks because tench are so incredibly strong fighters.

Do tench like casters?

Casters are a very effective tench bait I use them on venues where small fish make using maggots difficult.

What is the best groundbait for Tench?

By far, the two groundbait flavours that best manage to combine these two components are krill and bloodworm.

What is an Avon rod?

Avon rods started out intended for smaller barbel, bream, chub, and the like , and traditionally have a test curve (the weight at which the tip will bend at a 90 degree angle) of 1lb. However, in recent years the test curve has become slightly stiffer, and today test curves of 1.25lb or greater are more common.

What is the best time of year to catch tench?

Prime time for ‘the doctor fish’ as old-time anglers christened tench starts in late March and the best is well passed when they start to spawn in mid-late July Because the weather and water conditions can change so dramatically between the ‘Ides of March’ and June so must the way we approach a tench session.

Does tench fight hard?

Possibly the most unique looking fish that swims in our waters, tench can offer fantastic sport from April – October, and they fight hard ! Large male tench, with their enormous pectoral fins and enlarged, protruding muscles will test all but the strongest of tackle, and it’s wise to gear-up accordingly.

How do you catch big tench?

  • Find the right venue. It might seem like an obvious one, but you can’t catch tench if they aren’t there! .
  • Use your eyes for signs of fish
  • Tench love weed
  • Rake things up! .
  • Check your nets and boots
  • Lob one out there ! .
  • Corn is a sweet bait
  • Keep ’em feeding.

Are tench fish good to eat?

Tench, on the other hand, have some supporters. Easily raised under all kinds of conditions, they are an important food source, and are still cultivated around the world (including in one U.S. state). They are considered a decent sport fish in some locales, and are fodder for many native fish.

Do tench take pop ups?

Pop-ups, especially the brighter types, such as fluo pop-ups, are also an especially hot bait for night tench , as they are extra visible in poor light conditions. Such pop-ups are also a very good choice for murky waters.

Will tench take boilies?

Boilies play a big part in today’s modern day tench angling Tench have got big from feeding on the ever popular carp angling and angler’s bait! So boilies should never ever be ignored.

Will tench eat sweetcorn?

Sweetcorn is one of the top baits for carp, barbel, bream, tench and sometimes big roach , although most species would take it as a bait.

Where are Drennan rods made?

All research and tackle development remains in the UK together with some of the more complex high-tech production, however, the company now has six purpose-built factories outside of Europe in an economically competitive location.

Do pike eat tench?

Really big pike will also go for bigger coarse species, such as tench, ide, and carp Keep in mind that the pike’s diet will vary from water to water and always depend on the baitfish types found in each habitat.

Do tench eat pellets?

Pellets are full of protein and they have a really strong and distinct flavour to them, which the tench, as well as many other fish, just can’t resist.

What are size 12 hooks good for?

Treble Hook for Dough Bait & Lure Replacement For Trout, a Size 12 Treble Hook is a small, precise medium for securing Trout Nuggets Most of the common lures, in popular sizes have #6 Treble Hooks attached. It is a good idea to keep a a few of these on hand for rusty or dull hooks that need replacement.

Does tench feed at night?

Tench most certainly do feed at night In fact, in many venues, the dark hours of the night are the absolute best time to fish for tench. Tench can be extremely night active and if you get them feeding in your swim, you might actually be catching them throughout the entire night.

Are tench good for ponds?

Tench normally inhabit slow-moving freshwater habitats, particularly lakes and lowland rivers, and is becoming a very popular choice for garden ponds.

Does tench eat luncheon meat?

Species like carp, barbel, chub, crucians, bream and tench love flavoured meat, particularly in coloured water Flavoured luncheon meat specifically produced for angling also tends to be a bit tougher, so it stays on the hook better.

Does tench feed in winter?

But it is possible to catch winter tench! You just have to be on the bank during that short feeding window that presents itself during the cold season !.

Where is tench on a canal?

The tench does not enjoy high levels of disturbance from boats. Consequently they are much more common on lightly trafficked canals with clear water and plenty of weed cover. The Slough Arm, Wyrley & Essington, Rushall, Ashby and Walsall canals are very good tench fishing locations, as is Clattercote Reservoir.

How fast do tench grow?

The growth rate of tench is slow A one-year-old fish might be only two inches long, a two-year-old fish four inches and a three-year-old six inches long. A two-pounder could be as old as eight years! Compare that to carp – which can be well over 20lb in eight years.

What is a Waggler rod?

The waggler is a float that attaches bottom-end only and is cast on rod and line, as opposed to being shipped out on a pole In bygone years, waggler fishing was the nation’s number one form of float fishing, though today it is arguably under challenge from pole fishing in terms of popularity.

What is the best length for a fishing rod?

A short (6 feet or less) rod is ideal if you want to make short, accurate casts When pinpoint accuracy is less critical, a long rod (over 7 feet) is the way to go. Dingy or dirty water and heavy cover are two situations where short-range accuracy is part of the recipe for success, and a shorter rod can really shine.

What is a specialist rod?

Specialist Rods – Carp Rods, Barbel Rods Specialist rods range in size from around 10ft to 13ft and because they will be used for fishing for big carp, barbel and other fish they are obviously a lot sturdier than normal feeder or float rods.

Is rain good for tench fishing?

Tench do feed and bite in the rain, but based on my experience, they do so far less than in dry weather And while lighter drizzles are totally fine to fish in, the heavier the rain gets, the more inactive they will become.

Where is tench in a lake?

The first place to look is right at your feet Tench like feeding on or just over the marginal drop off and I’ve caught some huge gravel pit fish less than a rod length out from the bank. But the reality on most lakes these days is that the bankside disturbance is likely to drive the tench away from the margin.

What temperature do tench start feeding?

Tench will be on the move as soon as the water temperatures reach 9-10 degrees and will then be on the feed. Before you realise it you can put a big weight of these fish together when many anglers are still trying to catch carp that are not there or not feeding.



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