What Is A SPOD Marker Reel?

The xr spod/Marker Reel is a great high speed reel for the demanding tasks of baiting at range and mapping out the water in front of you With an 5.7:1 Gear ratio, it will retrieve 138cm of line per turn, making it one of the fastest retrieve Spod/Marker reels on the market.

Can you use a spod rod for carp fishing?

I’m sure all you beginner carp fishermen are dying to know “What a spod rod is?” but if you don’t, it’s about time you did. Having a spod rod on hand to fire on that spod and start baiting a far swim can be a highly effective way of catching more fish.

How much line does a Daiwa emblem SPOD reel hold?

Line capacity 310yds of 14lb (280m of 0.35mm) line.

Who makes the spomb rod?

Fox Spomb 13ft Rod Sleeve – See product code 21156.

What are marker rods?

The Marker rod is a purpose-built piece of equipment, designed specifically for the job It is usually at least 12ft in length and benefits from having a sensitive tip. This is the indicator that you will use along with the ‘feel’ of the rod to determine the nature of the lakebed.

Can you use normal rod for Spodding?

An ordinary 2.5lb or 2.75lb test curve rod coupled with a standard free spool reel loaded with 12lb line could just about cope with spodding a small amount of bait short distances , but to get the most from this deadly technique you’ll need a special set-up.

Do you need a shock leader for Spodding?

It is highly recommended that a shock leader is used when spodding This will help absorb the pressure of the spod during the cast when the rod is fully compressed and help to avoid ‘crack-offs’. The shock leader should be roughly twice the length of the rod in length.

What line should I use for Spodding?

The Line: Your mainline for spodding can be either a dedicated floating spod braid or in more recent times a lighter mono such as 10lb which can be easier to work with for some anglers with less chance of wind knots and braided line tangles.

Which braid is best for Spodding?

Berkley Whiplash 8 This braid has been around for a long time and is an extremely popular choice for carp anglers when the time comes to fill their spod reel. It is manufactured using Dyneema, which is proven to be up to 15 times stronger than steel!.

Do I soak braid before spooling?

Braid does not need soaking like you do with mono prior to spooling up Thread your braid through the eye on the but section of the rod. Double check that your spool is as far forward as possible. Tie a slip loop knot in your braid.

Should you soak your fishing line before spooling?

Before you ever spool a new monofilament fishing line to your reel, you should always let it soak before spooling Allowing time for the monofilament to absorb the water will reduce the line memory and allow the line to be laid on the reel better than if you did not let it soak.

What is Daiwa CastLock?

CastLock ensures that the opened bail stays locked in the correct position during the cast The second is Auto Cast II where, under the tension from a loaded spod you simply engage the button on the underside of the reel and the rotor will turn and stop at the perfect position for line pick up and bail opening.

How often should you SPOD?

As a very loose rule of thumb I always say that you should put three times as many spods in as you think to achieve the effect that you think you are getting So if you think six spods is the type of bait spread you want, put eighteen in to achieve it!.

Do you really need a SPOD rod?

A designated spod or spod/marker rod is needed When fishing at extreme ranges, for example over 100 yards, then look at ‘distance’ spod rods. Spod rods have a high test curve, e.g. 5.5lb, which means they have the ability to cope with the force of the cast and help to accurately propel your spomb to its chosen mark.

Can I SPOD with marker rod?

If you set up the marker rod correctly, you will be able to let your fishing line out and track the distance until you see the float appear on the surface. Once you have this visible, you can then use this as a target for your spod fishing rod when casting your bait out.

Do you need backing for braided line?

When you’re putting braided line on your spinning reel, you always want to add some mono backing to the reel first Mono grips into the arbor (the center of the spool) much better than braid does and pretty much guarantees you won’t have issues with the line free spinning when you get a fish on.

Can you put braid on any reel?

Yes, you can absolutely use braided line on a spinning reel , but make sure to avoid slippage on the spool. You can achieve this by spooling a monofilament backing, or by using a tape backing on the spool arbor.

How many yards of braided line do I need for a spinning reel?

To get the perfect ratio of braid to mono, while filling up your reel completely, put 100-150 yards of braid on first, then fill the reel with mono, then flip the line onto your final spool to have the braid on top.

Can I fish with a marker rod?

Marker rods are used for scoping out the water you’re about to fish , and are most often used by anglers who are going to spend two or three (or more) days on an unfamiliar water.

What are marker floats for?

A marker float is your underwater eyes and allows you to ‘see’ the lakebed and choose the exact spot to place your bait In the beginning markers were really only used as a target when spodding – hence the name – or to find the depth.

How far can you cast a SPOD?

It has just the right amount of weight, and it flutters down gently, widening its spread. In 10ft of water it might open up to between 2ft and 3ft , depending on how the spod hits the surface.

How far can you cast with 3lb test curve rod?

3lb test curve Using such a light test curved rod means you’ll only be able to use small spods (Pocket Rocket), but because their weight will be perfectly balanced you’ll have total control and overall better accuracy. Good up to distances of 80yds.

Whats the difference between a SPOD and a Spomb?

A Spod is a tube shaped device with a weighted end that is filled with bait from the top Upon impact with the water’s surface, the tube tips upside down and empties the bait onto the lake bed. A Spomb looks a bit like a small rocket with a spring-loaded nose that causes the tube to open length-ways down the middle.

Why does my spomb keep cracking off?

Under spooling can get crack offs, usually because line/braid is leaving the spool faster than its being pulled off , but slack retrieve wont help. For retrieve you could trap the line above the reel on the rod rather than rely on the weight of the spomb. Ime the spomb skipping on the surface leads to uneven tension.

How long should the leader be on a spod rod?

It is designed to be used to protect a lighter mainline from the shock of the sudden loading on the line during a powerful cast. As such it must run from the lead to the reel and be firmly held on the spool by several turns around the spool. 4 will usually do it but I prefer 6. So 25/30 ft is the length you need.

Can I spomb with mono?

Mono line is also a good choice for spodding and is more resistance to tangles and wind knots. Unlike braid, you can fill the spool up to the lip when using mono line and won’t encounter issues.

Can you use SPOD braid for fishing?

*Spod Braid has also proven to be extremely popular and effective when used as a shock leader by anglers fishing at extreme range with thinner diameter braided main lines.



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