What Is A Spinner Lure Good For?

Spinnerbaits are used principally for catching predatory fish such as perch, pike and bass , and are particularly helpful in attracting fish as you begin your day out on the lake.

Should you bait a spinner lure?

Draw in the bait quickly to keep the spinners high in the water. A spinnerbait works best when it’s near the surface of the water and forces fish to look up at it The spinners will catch the sunlight most effectively in this position, and this will lead to a large number of strikes on the bait.

What does a spinner bait imitate?

The spinnerbait has a smooth, flowing action that mimics a swimming baitfish The blades vibrate and flash, attracting the attention of bass. You can use spinnerbaits in most bass-fishing situations, but they are especially suited to fishing shallow cover.

Why do fish bite spinners?

Spinners use flash and vibration to attract fish This flash and vibration comes from their revolving blade. No other fishing lure has this unique feature. For this very reason, Mepps spinners will catch fish when no other lure will.

What fish do spinners catch?

This post will discuss fishing with spinners in rivers and streams. Spinners are excellent artificial lures. They catch a wide variety of species. Smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, trout, salmon, walleye, pike, panfish, rock bass, and other species will take one.

How deep can you fish a spinnerbait?

How deep can you fish a spinnerbait? You can fish a spinnerbait at nearly any depth. However, most anglers will fish them between 1 and 20 feet With very little additional work on your part, you can alter the bait run virtually exactly at the target depth once you know it.

Do spinnerbaits get snagged?

Because of their unique design, with the upward-facing hooks shielded by the wire frame, spinnerbaits are surprisingly snag-resistant and can be thrown into dense cover (especially timber and rock) with only an occasional hang-up.

Are spinners good for bass?

Spinners and spoons are very effective lures for taking trophy bass The flash and vibration created by a spinner excites a bass into striking, so he does not have to be “on the feed” to take the lure. Spoons, to a bass, are minnows, so a 1/4 oz. Little Wolfis ideal for big bass.

Do you use a float with a spinner?

There are several techniques available when using a spinner under the float. You can simply cast and retrieve as you would when fishing with a spinner alone The retrieve speed can be very slow, as long as you have direct connection with the float. The float keeps your spinner from snagging up on the bottom.

Do you put worms on a spinnerbait?

The best water conditions for adding spinnerbait trailers are stained to muddy water. I favor using plastic trailers with plenty of tail action, so my choices are usually single- or double-tail plastic grubs or 7-inch ribbon tail plastic worms.

Do spinnerbaits catch big bass?

Big Bass Spinnerbaits Are Heavy Spinnerbaits Spinnerbaits used to catch big bass are sometimes used as heavy as 1 ounce to as much as 1 1/2 ounce in weight like the Bottom Dweller spinnerbait Strike King illustrated at right. This is a relatively new design with a head from 3/4 ounce to as much as 1 3/8 ounces.

How fast should you reel in a spinner?

Re: Reel Speed for Spinnerbaits? In my opinion the average 6.3:1 or so is ideal. If you have to high a retrieve speed, the lure will skip out of the water, If your too slow the bass get too good a look at it.

Are spinnerbaits good in grass?

Although they’ve long been used to catch bass around shallow cover – spinnerbaits like the Strike King Premier Plus have fallen out of favor for grass anglers in recent years because there are other, easier techniques that are more popular.

What is the best color spinnerbait for bass?

Keep colors simple Go with a clear shad type color, a brighter chartreuse and white combination and maybe a black spinnerbait for night fishing and really muddy water The clearer the water, the less you want the fish to see of the bait and fish it fast.

What spinner bait is best?

  • Booyah Colorado Blade Spinnerbait.
  • Strike King Bleeding Spinnerbait.
  • Goture Spinnerbait Fishing Lures (5-Pack)
  • Booyah Moontalker.
  • Booyah Buzz.

How do you set up a fishing spin?

  • Step 1: Gather Your Equipment. 2 More Images
  • Step 2: Understand the Important Parts of the Equipment. The Reel
  • Step 3: Connect the Reel to the Rod
  • Step 4: Spool the Reel
  • Step 5: String the Rod
  • Step 6: Tie the Knot
  • Step 7: Set the Drag Knob
  • Step 8: Cast the Bait.



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