What Flavour Is Scopex Boilies?

Thin, pale, straw-coloured, liquid flavour. Buttery, full-fat cream/sweet milk flavour.

Is scopex squid a good bait?

Even pressured carp never stop eating or getting caught on Scopex Squid, it is quite simply one of the most remarkable baits ever.

What are Scopex boilies?

  • Originally developed for heavy baiting in Europe.
  • Offers an affordable,consistent, quality boilie.
  • Impressive base mix and improved flavour range.
  • Perfect for high feed situations and newcomers to carp fishing.
  • Impressive results both in the UK and abroad.
  • Free sachet of pop ups included.

What are the best summer boilies?

  • Urban Bait Nutcracker Shelf life Boilies
  • Nash Scopex Squid Stabilised Boilies
  • Dynamite Baits The Source Shelf Life Boilies
  • Advanta 15mm Boilies
  • Crafty Catcher Big Hit Boilies
  • Sticky Baits Manilla Shelf Life Boilies
  • Nash Citruz Special Edition Boilies.

What Flavour is Scopex squid?

Scopex is one of the most popular carp fishing flavours that has been in use for around 40 years with its mix of buttery and creamy notes with sour undertones Invented by Rod Hutchinson, Scopex gets its name from the simple actions of it ‘having scope’ in terms of its effectiveness and it being sample x.

What is in a Scopex squid?

LT90 Fishmeal, blended fishmeal, Nectarblend, Red Factor, Nashbait’s cereal blend, Squid Extract, 30 mesh Acid Casein, yeast extract, Scopex No. 1, Red Liver Oil, sweetener.

What’s the best boilies for carp fishing?

SWEET AND NUTTY. Sweet milk protein baits, such as Mainline’s Cell, Sticky Manilla or Dynamite’s monster tiger nut , are often considered to be the banker winter choice for most carpers, but they work all year round too!.

Is Scopex squid a fishmeal bait?

Nash Bait Scopex Squid Not a fishmeal , not a bird food, its a bit of an anomaly and to this day I still take the Scopex Squid with me when I go to some venues in France. The Scopex Squid has certainly stood the test of time and for me, it is one of the very best!.

What is CC Moore Live System?

Live System is a highly attractive, sweet, creamy, milk protein and bird food-based boilie which has earned a almost legendary reputation as both an instant and a long-term big fish bait since its release in 2002.

What is Scopex aroma?

A powerful creamy buttery taste, with a sour note that comes through from the proven attractant diacytile It works well in combunation with an array of fruit flavours.

What is a Scopex?

Scopex Co is indicated for severe stomach cramps It contains a potent anti-spasmodic (hyoscine butylbromide) and dipyrone, a NSAID with Anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects.

How do you take scopex tablets?

Two tablets (20 mg) four times daily 4.3 Contraindications: SCOPEX TABLETS should not be used in patients with prostatic enlargement, paralytic ileus or pyloric stenosis, closed angle glaucoma or with a narrow angle between the iris and the cornea.

Are 20mm boilies too big?

A 20mm is great for getting out in the stick too I can get them out at a decent range even in tricky conditions too. If I were to try and scatter 12mm boilies with a 30mph crosswind it would be a big problem, but the larger baits can take that sort of abuse.

What is the best Colour for boilies?

Yellow is especially good, as it’s the same colour as corn, another top clear-water bait.

Do carp prefer certain boilies?

It could also be the main reason why carp seem to prefer chopped boilies over whole ones All the time carp anglers are suggesting that the carp are wary of big round boilies but, it may simply be more that they instinctively save energy.

Can carp smell flavours?

Carp also have a much more acute sense of taste than we do, which is able to detect flavours at a thousandth of the concentration at which we can taste them , so always keep the amount of flavour that you use in your baits to a minimum or you may overdo it.

Are freezer boilies better?

In all honesty, both shelf life and freezer baits are equally as effective in their own right.

What Flavours do carp like in summer?

I find a good general mixed particle, with plenty of hemp, maize, tiger nuts, salt, some real fishy oil such as salmon oil , can work wonders in the warmer water. Don’t be shy about thinking outside of the box when it comes to using natural baits in the summer too.

Are Corus boilies any good?

Corus highly-flavoured boilies are the perfect bait for all carp anglers Rich in natural ingrdients, Corus boilies are packed with quality ingredients making them high in proteins, fishmeals and full of natural oils that are essential for catching big fish.

Do carp like squid?

Carp will consume a piece of squid if hungry.

What attracts carp the most?

Carp are omnivorous and will eat plankton, insects, and larvae, as well as tender plant stems and river weeds, so baiting carp is relatively easy. Boilies are the go-to bait for most carp anglers The scent of the fishmeal in the boilies drives carp wild.

What’s the best Flavour for carp?

Flavours such as Crab & Krill, Strawberry Crush, Coconut Crème and Candy Nut Crush really make these a good all-round boilie. Each pack, or bag, also contains a few pop ups to match!.

What do carp like to eat the most?

Carp eat a variety of foods. They favor insects, aquatic worms, crustaceans, and mollusks , but also consume algae and other plant matter.

Are Sticky baits any good?

We say. The bait that took Sticky stratospheric, the Krill is an absolute monster of a boilie It has caught all sorts of huge fish all over the country and despite the release of the Manilla is still a massive seller. Wherever you fish, you can almost guarantee the fish have seen, and been caught on, this bait.

What is a carp boilie?

Boilies are hard-boiled baits that were originally introduced to carp angling in the UK during the late Seventies with the sole purpose of keeping ‘nuisance’ fish from eating away the bait being presented to the Carp….



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