What Are The Best Baits For Red Drum?

Live bait is a great way to target redfish. Red fish will readily take a variety of live baits. Croakers, menhaden, spot, pinfish, mullet and small scaled sardines are all good choices for redfish. Many red drum are caught each year on live shrimp, crabs, and blood worms as well.

What color lures do redfish like?

Finally, wherever you go, redfish like the color gold. Everyone knows that a simple gold spoon is a redfish staple, and for good reason. Having some baits littered with gold flake, like Golden Boy or the new Beer Run color , is always a good idea when reds are the target.

What fake bait do redfish like?

A lineup of the best artificial baits for redfish wouldn’t be complete without a soft-plastic shrimp The D.O.A Shrimp, Z-Man EZ ShrimpZ, and LiveTarget Rigged Shrimp are the cream of the crop.

Do redfish hit topwater baits?

A motivated redfish can deliver one of the most exhilarating topwater attacks you’ll ever see A big part of that is simply the angle of attack. By comparison, speckled trout, snook and any fish with a forward-facing mouth can attack from directly below a topwater bait and blow a hole in the water.

What is the best time of day to catch redfish?

The best time of day to catch redfish is in the morning before the sun heats up the shallows and in the afternoon off in deeper water features like jetties, wrecks, and bridges Redfish funnel back into deeper water in the afternoon because it is both cooler and holds more bait than the shallows.

What is the best rig for redfish?

  • Scented Soft Plastic Jigs. Perhaps the most universal offering is a jig which has a “tail” that emits the scent that drives redfish crazy
  • Weedless Soft Plastic Twitch Bait
  • Soft Plastic Replica Swimbaits
  • Popping Cork With Shrimp-tipped Jig.

Are redfish bottom feeders?

A redfish’s diet consists mostly of smaller fish, shrimp, clams, worms, and crabs. They’re primarily bottom feeders , but can be aggressive and feed much higher in the water column if the opportunity arises.

What size hooks for redfish?

The best all around hook size for catching keeper size redfish is a 1/0 circle or j hook A 1/0 hook size is stout enough to bring in a slot sized redfish without straightening out but is small enough to catch the smaller redfish too. Redfish are one of those fish that can get HUGE.

What is the best month to catch redfish?

The best season for redfish is late summer & mid-fall in grassy flats. August & September are particularly good in Tampa Bay area grass flats. During the summer, the larger redfish, called bull reds, come up from the deeper waters to the shoreline and can be found along jetties and bridges around this time.

Is it better to fish on high tide or low tide?

Falling Tide Because water is in movement when a tide is changing, these times are the best times to fish. A falling tide occurs when a tide changes from high tide to low tide and is the best time of the day to fish. The best time to take advantage of a falling tide is two hours before low tide.

Do red drums eat bunkers?

Menhaden, pogy, and bunker are all the same fish They are a very oily fish that makes a great bait for larger species. Unfortunately, they are fragile, hard to keep alive, and do not freeze well. Fresh caught menhaden is certainly a top bait for bull reds.

What do redfish bite on?

The baitfish that redfish love to hunt are pogies, mullet, pilchards and greenies They also feast on crab and other shellfish, but the baitfish are easier to catch. If you’re fishing for redfish in the spring, look for large baitfish schools, like pogies, on the warm tidal currents.

Can you chum for redfish?

Chum does the same thing to redfish” Anchor up-current and allow chum to drift into holes, inlets or a pass between islands. An effective variation is to tether a chum bag to a small buoy, anchor it with a brick and then anchor your boat off to the side. This works particularly well for skittish reds in shallow water.

How do you tie a Carolina rig for red drum?

  • Cut a length of leader line that is 24 inches long.
  • Tie your barrel swivel to one end of the leader line and your hook to the other.
  • Slide the egg sinker over your main line, followed by the bead.
  • Finally, tie your main line to the remaining side of the barrel swivel.

How do you catch redfish on the beach?

Cut bait is the go-to bait when surf fishing for redfish It’s durable, stays on the hook well when casting, and will catch just about anything that swims. You can use any small fish that’s readily available, but mullet, porgies, croakers, and pinfish are typically most effective for redfish.

How do you catch redfish at night?

For best results when fishing for redfish—some really big over-slot-size reds visit many nighttime dock lights—it’s a good idea to put just enough weight above the hooked shrimp or minnow to slowly take the bait toward the bottom A split-shot is usually enough.

Do you need a leader for redfish?

Having a good leader line with strong knots is absolutely essential for inshore anglers who want to land big snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, etc.

How old is a 30 inch redfish?

These fish are often called sub-adults. Male red drum mature at age three (27-30 inches long), females mature at age four (32-36 inches). As red drum develop, they utilize different habitats.

What is a red drum fish favorite food?

In the summer and fall, adult red drum feed on crabs, shrimp, and sand dollars In the spring and winter, adults favor a varied diet that includes menhaden, mullet, pinfish, sea robin, lizardfish, spot, Atlantic croaker and various flatfish species.

Will redfish eat frozen shrimp?

Dead or alive, fresh or frozen, shrimp are one of the best baits for inshore saltwater fishing Black drum, bonefish, flounder, grouper, jackfish, pompano, redfish, snook, sea trout, sheepshead, tarpon, and whiting are among the species you can catch with this crustacean.

How do you catch big reds?

If you want to know how to catch big redfish, live baits like mullet, croakers and mud minnows are the top presentation. “In early fall, mullet congregate around the jetties for their spawn, coinciding with the bull reds running. Typically, a 4- to 8-inch mullet works, but it’s a trade-off.

Do redfish hang around bridges?

Coastal bridges are excellent places to fish for redfish , sheepshead, grouper and many other species, but there are some secrets to getting the most out of the opportunities.

What is the world record red drum?

Jack Limroth recently submitted this massive 127-centimeter red drum he landed on June 3, 2021, to set the IGFA All-Tackle Length World Record for the species. Jack was fishing the Chesapeake Bay out of Virginia, US, when he landed this big redfish on a custom jig.

What colors can fish not see?

The majority of fish have developed eyes that will detect the type of colors typical of their environment. For example, inshore fish have good color vision, whereas offshore pelagic fish have limited color vision and detect only a few if any colors other than black and white.

Do redfish eat crawfish?

Bait shrimp, even frozen ones, may not be available from midwinter to early spring, but large populations of crawfish will be, and like humans, redfish do eat crawfish ! Acquire the smaller bugs for redfish bait. Those between 3 and 3 12 inches long seem best.



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