What Are Phenix Rods Made Of?

The phenix hybrid is the world’s first fully woven Carbon Fiber blank. The blank is a unique blend of high strength woven Carbon Fiber and Kevlar This innovative combination of materials is the latest technology from the aerospace and automotive industry.

What is a 7 medium spinning rod Good For?

Original Series 7’3″ Medium Spinning Rod This 7’3″ Medium Fast spinning rod is great for all your finesse baits It is very popular on Northern clear water lakes. It was designed for fishing a Drop Shot in deep water for small mouth bass, But is capable of throwing a variety of finesse lures.

Are Phenix rods made in China?

they are made in china , phenix is a west coast company.

Who is the owner of Phenix rods?

Vince Borges – Phenix Rods.

What pound line should I use?

Line Strength It should roughly match the weight of the species you are fishing for (e.g. use line in the 30-pound test for tuna in the 30-pound range). A typical line to cast for trout would be 4-pound test. Consider braided line of 30-pound test or more if you go after large game fish.

What is an 8 foot fishing rod used for?

Long baitcasting rods (8′ to 9′): these are often used for power bass fishing , which involves extra long poles that have Medium Heavy to Extra Heavy power, and that are used with high pound test braid (30-60 lb or more).

What rod action is best for bass?

For bass fishing, a medium-heavy is one of the most versatile options you can choose. A standard medium also works well for a variety of fishing techniques and a medium-light spinning rod is an excellent option for lighter lures, while still having enough power to land bigger fish.

Can you make money building custom rods?

But if you really enjoy building and you are capable of making functional, attractive rods, you can probably make enough money to justify your activity Many people sell rods to fund the component purchases for rods they build for themselves. You may also be able to use your profits to subsidize your fishing expenses.

Where should a fishing rod be placed?

Work from the tip backwards. With the rod loaded at 90º there is usually little bend in the last few inches of the tip section. For that reason it is usually safe to place the first guide 4 to 4.5 inches from the tip guide.

What is a deckhand rod?

Deckhand rods are the rods of choice for Southern California anglers casting jigs and surface irons Sometime called “jig sticks”, these rods which are usually 8′ and longer have no reel seats. The grips are made from cork tape (sometimes covered in shrink tube) or tuna/seine cord.

What is the best rod for casting long distance?

ROD SELECTION Look to a rod that suits your style of fishing. For most long-distance casting situations, a 10- to 12-footer capable of casting 1 to 8 ounces or more of weight (including sinker and bait) is a good choice. Also consider rod action and power.

How many fishing rods should I have?

Many Rods Allows Instantaneous Change of Presentation Hooking into fish is often times about being ready when the opportunity arises. Many serious bass anglers will have at least 3 rods on standby to fish most scenarios that could arise. They have a medium action bait caster to pitch plastics deep near cover.

How do you pick a rod length?

The length of a fishing rod typically ranges from 6-12 feet, so to choose a measurement for your needs, consider the type of fishing you plan to do, the species you are after and your fishing environment A good length for beginner anglers is usually around 7 feet.

Does St Croix make their own blanks?

Rod builders, St Croix Rod blanks now available exclusively thru Rodgeeks For anglers who prefer building their own, St. Croix Rod offers a selection of high performance blanks.

Are CastAway Rods Made in USA?

Now our product development team has compressed unprecedented quality and responsiveness into rods at mid-level to introductory price points.” CastAway has design, testing and manufacturing facilities at its headquarters in Montgomery, Texas.

Where are Calstar rods made?

Calstar’s founders Leon and Pat Todd have dedicated over 50 years to building quality fiberglass and composite fishing rods and blanks that are made in the USA.

What is a rod in psychology?

The rods are the receptors in the eye which detect movement Rods are also used in night vision.

What do you mean by rods?

rod noun [C] (POLE) a long, thin pole made of wood or metal : He was given a fishing rod for his birthday. The concrete is strengthened with steel rods. Poles, rods, shafts and sticks. bar.

Do fish see fishing line?

So there you have it, yes, fish will see your line depending on the depth you’re fishing and what color you’re using I guess you can never have too many rods and reels rigged up for anything you might encounter. Keeping these variables in mind may help you boat more fish this season.

What line do pro bass fishermen use?

Most professional anglers today use very little monofilament line About the only time I’ll choose monofilament to fish for bass is if I’m fishing a spinner bait or a bladed jig or cranking very heavy wood with a square-billed crankbait and making short casts.

What is the best all around fishing line?

  • Spiderwire Stealth Braid
  • AshconFish Braided Fishing Line 4 Strands
  • Berkley Trilene XL
  • Izorline First String
  • Berkley Trilene Big Game
  • Kastking Durablend Monofilament Leader Line
  • Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon
  • Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon.

What are 7 foot rods good for?

A short (6 feet or less) rod is ideal if you want to make short, accurate casts. When pinpoint accuracy is less critical , a long rod (over 7 feet) is the way to go. Dingy or dirty water and heavy cover are two situations where short-range accuracy is part of the recipe for success, and a shorter rod can really shine.

Does a longer rod cast further?

A longer rod will give you a longer cast It’s really that simple. If power and action are the same, generally speaking, a 7-foot rod will cast the same lure farther than a 6-foot rod. Now if the lure is light, like 1/8 ounce, it can be a little more managable on a softer shorter rod than a longer rod.

What pound test should I use for bass fishing?

For bass fishing, use 8 to 12 pound test monofilament or fluorocarbon line with finesse presentations using spinning gear. Bump it up to 15 or 20 pound test in heavy cover. When casting big swimbaits, crankbaits, jigs and topwater tackle, a braided main line in the 30-50 pound test range is incredibly versatile.

What action rod is best for crankbaits?

A good crankbait rod should have a relatively slow action In other words, the rod should start to bend down about half way down when moderate pressure is applied to the top section. Fast action means that just the top third will bend with the same pressure.

What type of rod is best for topwater?

Casting rods are the most popular choice for topwater fishing. Most bass anglers prefer to use a baitcasting rod and reel setup for fishing topwater lures.



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