What Are Fly Fishing Feathers Called?

The short answer is fly tying feathers are a collective term that covers the feathers used for tying or dressing flies. We fly tyers buy feathers to be used for tails, hackles, throats or wings.

Can you use chicken feathers for fly tying?

Just like the cdl rooster capes and Saddles, the hen pelts have various uses. The feathers can be used to tie nymph wing cases and legs, and even used for larger soft hackle flies along with tying on collars Additionally, capes can be used for matuka-style fly patterns.

Can you use any feather for fly tying?

Both mallard and teal flank feathers can be a substitute for wood duck , they are also cheaper than wood duck so you won’t break the bank tying flies. With any of these feathers (especially mallard and teal) they usually come in small packages that are either sorted for quality or not.

Can you use quail feathers for fly tying?

Quail feathers are primarily used for making soft-hackle collars on wet flies, and legs and wing cases on nymphs. Due to their diminutive size, however, quail feathers are usually limited to tying very small flies.

What is a CDC feather?

CDC, or cul-de-canard, is the soft, fluffy material that comes from around the preening gland of a duck or goose Despite its fluffy nature, CDC really does float pretty well, and a lot of folks use it when tying emergers and the like.

What are cape feathers?

The “cape” is the patch of feathers found around the neck The smaller feathers, found near the head, are used for making small wet flies; the larger feathers near the bottom of the neck are excellent for tying larger wet flies, the throats on salmon flies and streamers, and the wings on dry flies.

What bird does hackle come from?

Plymouth Rock. Grizzly hackle comes from chickens Other birds do produce a similar pattern in all or some of their plumage in various colors, but none are used as much in fly tying as the grizzly chicken feathers.

What are Coq de Leon feathers?

Coq De Leon feathers are spade hackles and from the shoulder of the bird Generally, the bird is mature and feathers are hand plucked, sorted and graded. Originally the feathers were never sold as a pelt because it was felt that as the bird aged, the fibers became stiffer and more brillant in color.

What turkey feathers are used for fly tying?

Primary feathers Primary flight feathers are used almost exclusively for their biots which are fantastic fly tying material. Biots are found on the leading edge of the primary feather and lay folded over one another.

What is a grizzly feather?

Grizzly is a barred feather which has a brown or black against a white or cream variation with the colors alternating horizontally.

What is a hackle feather?

A chicken’s hackle feathers are the feathers around the neck These feathers can sometimes be showy in roosters. People that “fly tie” (for trout fishing) usually use long, slender hackle feathers from a rooster. Hackles are actually differently shaped in hens and roosters. Rooster hackles are longer and pointier.

What are duck quills used for in fly tying?

Duck Quills for fly tying – A duck quill is a wing feather with medium stiffness, durability and pliable fibers used in fly tying. The Duck Quills contain natural curves that resemble the shape of mayfly wings. Duck quills are commonly used as wings on traditional trout dry flies plus steelhead and salmon wet flies.

What are tertiary feathers for?

Secondary feathers: found along the length of the wing, help to lift and keep the bird in the air. Tertiary feathers: located at the base of the wings, do not play an essential role in flight.

What are chicken feathers used for?

Feathers are used in a number of decorative products such as boas, feather fans, masks, costume accessories, bird ornaments, and even earrings and flowers Feathers are also routinely used in the production of fishing flies.

What is a chicken saddle?

What is a chicken saddle: Chicken saddles are made to protect your hen’s back from a roosters nails and spurs When a rooster over mates a hen this can lead to serious and sometimes life threatening damage.

What is chicken hackle?

In birds, the hackle is the group of feathers found along the back and side of the neck The hackles of some types of chicken, particularly roosters, are long, fine, and often brightly coloured. These hackles may be used in fly fishing as lures.

What is turkey quill used for in fly tying?

Ozark Turkey Quills are used for wings on wet flies and streamers such as muddler minnows, as well as wing cases when a lighter variegation is required Turkey Quills is good for hopper wings, muddlers, stonefly nymphs and mayfly nymph wing cases.

How do you skin a duck for fly tying?

Start on the edges and gently push and cut the fat, meat, and tissue off the inside of the skin I prefer using a curved beard trimmer but it is possible to do the job with a razor or sharp knife. On a fat mallard this job will take some time to complete, but the process is much quicker on a bird like a grouse.

Where are Cul de canard feathers?

Cul de canard (CDC) (French for “duck bottom”) are the feathers from the back of a duck directly around the preen gland (uropygial gland ); they are very buoyant due to preen oil produced by the preen gland. They are used when tying dry flies for fly fishing.

Are CDC flies better?

the CDC is special due to the structure and density of the barbs. So long feathers suits for making bodies or wings for big flies or for making CDC hackle. Short and medium feathers are better winging dry flies As you can see in the photo up, from left to right there are CDC feathers from farmed raised ducks.

What does a CDC fly imitate?

These fibers do a good job of imitating either dangling legs or emerging wings , and in some cases the bedraggled wings of a drowned adult insect.

Should you keep feathers you find?

Even though it’s usually safe to pick up bird feathers, it’s important not to take them home to keep Native birds in the United States are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which prohibits possession of any part of these birds, including the feathers.

Do feathers decompose?

Yes, naturally occurring feathers fully decompose , whether they are composted or not. Of course, you have to agree that composting them will help quicken the decomposition process.

How do you preserve wild bird feathers?

Freeze. When you first get your feathers, keep them isolated from any other plumes. Put them directly into a freezer that is set at zero degrees Farenheight or -18 Celsius (colder is even better). Leave them in for at least 48 hours.

What can you use turkey feathers for?

What Do They Do With Turkey Feathers? Feathers can be so abundant, but what are they used for? Interestingly, feathers can be used for a lot of things that probably aren’t thought about right off: Pillow stuffing, Diapers, Insulation, Upholstery padding, Paper, Plastics, and Feather Meal.

Can you sell chicken feathers?

Selling chicks or eggs destined to be hatched is usually the easiest way to sell the birds since larger birds can be less docile during transport. Feathers can be made into useful commodities too or just sold as is for fisherman Jewelry and pillows can be crafted out of feathers after the feathers are cleaned.

What is the difference between a cape and saddle hackle?

The biggest difference is in the length of the feather and the variety of sizes you can get out of a particular saddle or cape Capes are a lot shorter in length, so two feathers are often required to get the full effect of the hackle.

How do you make a feather cape?

  • Cut a semicircle out of black felt, then cut a notch in the center of the straight side to make an opening for your neck.
  • Hot-glue on overlapping rows of feather trim, working from bottom up.
  • Finish by hot-gluing ribbon around the neck, leaving ends loose to serve as a tie; let dry completely.



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