What Are Blade Baits Used For?

“Blades are a reaction bait, for current-oriented fish. I use them to fish current edges, wing dams, along current breaks and in pockets But you can fish them in reservoirs too, where the baitfish are deep, down where there’s big shad balls and the walleyes are feeding on them.

Can you troll a blade bait?

Depending on where walleyes are holding or feeding in fall, you can cast, jig or troll a blade bait and catch them Blades look and act like wounded minnows, and so they trigger reaction strikes from walleyes, whether the fish are hungry or not.

What size hooks for blade baits?

Sizes vary based on the weight of the blade but most blades will have size 6 and 8 hooks, we recommend replacing them with size 4 and 6 For split rings we recommend either size 2 or 3.

Are blade baits good for walleye?

Blade baits are vicious walleye attractants They cast like bullets and sink like bricks. Most anglers are intimidated by hang-ups and the fact that walleye are light biting critters. Fact is, walleye literally knock themselves out hitting these vibrating metal jigging spoons.

Can you use blade baits in summer?

Lefebre also favors a blade bait for the kind of versatility that you simply can’t get from a drop-shot. “ It’s great to use in summer because it can sink like a rock to whatever depth you need it to ,” Lefebre said. “You can get the reaction bite with it because it’s so fast and moves so quickly.

Do mold blades bait?

The Do It ZV-5-A blade bait mold makes a vibrating lure that deep schooled fish can’t resist The ZV-5-A is versatile enough to be used for jigging, casting and trolling. Style ZV Vibrating Lures shimmy through the water for everything from river smallmouth to suspended walleye and largemouth bass.

Who invented the blade bait?

The Silver Buddy Blade Bait was invented back in 1983 by Paul “Buddy” Banks Paul was known as a smallmouth guru and invented this blade whose unique design and vibration is still catching fish all over the country today!.

What is crank bait?

A crankbait is a moving bait made for catching the predatory species of fish under the surface as a moving animal imitating a baitfish in its environment These lures are designed so that the user can control how deep they dive in the water.

What are buzz baits?

Buzzbaits are old-school topwater lures that are simple to fish and deadly effective in the right situations They’re relatively weedless and are great for fishing fast and covering water. Unlike most topwater baits, buzzbaits sink.

What is the best bass lure for winter?

  • Jerkbait – Greg Hackney. Hackney’s Choice: Strike King KVD Jerkbait 300 series (Clearwater Minnow) .
  • Football Jig – Terry Scroggins. Scroggins choice: 1/2-ounce Booyah Pigskin Football Jig
  • Spinnerbait – Aaron Martens
  • Shad-style crankbaits – Gerald Swindle.

What are blade baits made of?

A blade bait is a metal crank bait that features two sets of treble hooks, one on each end. It relies on vibration and sound to get the fish to react on a reaction strike. A blade bait consists of a flat metal spoon with a weighted nose The blade bait will vibrate on the retrieve and vibrate on the lift.

What is a jigging spoon?

Jigging spoons are not search lures but are “location specific” That is, you first locate the bass with your electronics, put your boat on top of them, then drop the spoon right into the middle of them. A jigging spoon is generally considered as “deep water” lures when it comes to fishing spoons for bass.

How do you use the Savage gear slide blade?

With the snap attached behind the gill the lure will vibrate and flash on retrieve and glide away from the retrieve line on spin stop When the snap is attached in the head, the lure will run high like a spoon and glide away from the retrieve line on spin stop.

What is the best bait for cutthroat trout?

Bait: Cutthroat trout don’t lack appetite, so bait works really well, especially when drifted. A single salmon egg can be extremely effective, as can a crawdad tail or the classic night crawler.

How do you troll for smallmouth bass?

Blade baits are a great trolling bait as they mimic a variety of baitfish that smallmouth bass will be feeding on in deeper water Just make sure to get a heavy enough blade bait or pair up a lighter blade bait with a rig that allows you to fish deeper water. You will most likely be trolling in that 2 to 2.5 mph range.

Do walleye like Chatterbaits?

Chatter ‘Em Up The tight wobble and vibration that a Chatterbait produces is an absolute trigger to walleye if they are around While the Chatterbait is not the best selection for every fall walleye scenario, there are certain areas that the Chatterbait really shines.

What lures to use for walleye?

If live bait is not readily available or you’re set on targeting trophies, then lures are the way to go. These are some of the most historically popular lures: Crankbait, Grubs, Paddle Tails, and Ring Worms The best walleye lure of all time, grubs on a jig, are the most popular alternative to live bait.

How do jerk baits work?

A jerkbait is a minnow-shaped lure that provides a horizontal presentation. A straight retrieve makes a jerkbait swim with a shimmying action. This catches fish, but where a jerk-bait shines is on a snap-pause retrieve, which gives it an erratic, darting action that drives bass wild.



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