Is There A Shortage Of Richardson Hats?

Due to an increase in demand, we are experiencing stock shortages for many of the Richardson 112 colors For similar hats, take a look at the Pacific Headwear 104C and 104S.. When it comes to the look and feel of the iconic trucker hat, the Richardson 112 fits the bill perfectly.

Is Richardson a good hat brand?

Richardson hats have a reputation among those in the know for solid and durable construction They look good, and they will keep looking good for a while.

Where do Richardson hats come from?

Richardson is a family owned and operated company headquartered in Springfield, Oregon , with an east coast distribution center in Ohio. We are a vertically integrated designer, distributor, and manufacturer of performance and lifestyle headwear.

Are Richardson hats made in the USA?

Since the 70s, Richardson hats have been designed and manufactured in the US As the company has grown they have expanded manufacturing operations in Asia.

What is the difference between Richardson 112 and 115?

The 115 cap offers a similar style to the 112 by tailoring the look for a smaller fit. The front panels are smaller than the 112 making it fit for some wearers. Other than that, it is pretty much the same hat as the 112.

Can Richardson hats be washed?

Yes, but we recommend you simply buying a new one ! If you choose to wash your favorite cap, it’s best to hand wash and spot treat your cap with warm water and a light laundry detergent or OxiClean..

Are Richardson hats made in Vietnam?

The original cap was made in China. This particular cap was made in Vietnam.

What does Richardson mean?

Richardson is an English surname of Anglo Saxon origin. The prefix richard is a given name derived from the Old English ric (“power”) and hard (“brave”/”hardy”) The suffix -son denotes “son/descendant of”. The names Richard and Richardson are found in records as early as 1381 in Yorkshire, England.

What does Osfm mean in hats?

One-Size-Fits-Most (OSFM) and Adjustable hats typically fit up to XL or 7-5/8, unless otherwise noted. Adult Sizes.

Who owns Richardson cap?

Kelly Richardson – President/ CEO – Richardson Sports | LinkedIn.

What is a Yupoong hat?

Yupoong are primarily known for their flexfit caps , which are the market’s leading model among flexfits. Besides their flexfit, they also produce snapbacks and 5-panel caps, which have been very popular because of the perfect fit.

How do you measure for hat size?

HAT SIZING USE a soft tape measure. PLACE it around your head, positioned mid-forehead and just above the ears. MEASURE your head in centimetres or inches. FIND your hat size on the hat size chart.

Where are Flexfit hats made?

We have 7 factories located throughout Vietnam and Bangladesh , and they are all equipped to manage a large capacity of cap production. As we cherish our cap qualities to a great depth, we value the quality of our factory workers’ working conditions.

How do you hand wash a hat?

Hand-wash. Fill a basin or sink with soapy water, using either detergent or dish soap. Hand-wash the hat by soaking the whole thing in the basin for around 10 minutes and then swishing it around a bit If your hat is particularly gnarly, you may need to replace the water (not that I would know from experience).

What is a trucker style cap?

A trucker cap has a broad front and a plastic mesh at the back The baseball cap has a narrower front, and the back is usually made from the same material as the front.

Does Richardson make youth hats?

Description. The Youth-sized version of Richardson’s Flexfit baseball team hat , best-selling on-field cap. It is made with PULSE, a breathable, poly-stretch fabric made to perform. R-FLEX Youth size fits 6 3/8 – 6 5/8.

What is a low pro trucker hat?

A low profile hat means the crown (where the cap meets the top of the head) is lower and fits more snuggly to your head This may seem like a minor feature, but unless you want to pull your cap down below your ears a lower profile is the perfect fit for most of us.


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