Is The Shimano Cardiff A Saltwater Reel?

Applications: I would say the Cardiff A is a multi-species round reel. In the 200 size you can apply the reel to both saltwater and freshwater fish , thanks to the Anti-Rust Bearings that not only resist corrosion, but are unshielded making them really easy to maintain.

Does the shimano cardiff have a clicker?

400 Series reels have non-disengaging levelwind and clicker.

Does Shimano make left handed reels?

SHIMANO–Torium 20 hgal left-hand conventional reel.

Should I get a left or right handed Baitcaster?

Avoid the switch! Just like spinning, if you are right-handed (casting and holding the rod in the right hand) use a reel that has the crank handle on the left side (labeled as “left-handed”). Left-handed anglers should choose a baitcasting reel with the crank handle on the right side (labeled as “right-handed”).

What is a BFS Rod?

What is bait finesse system (BFS) Fishing? (including video below) Bait Finesse System fishing is using baitcasting reels with special shallow, drilled out/ultralight, spools and light-action rods to throw lures weighing less than approximately 5-7g (3/16 oz to ¼ oz and below).

Is there such thing as a left-handed fishing reel?

Also, left-handed reels recently joined the market and were unheard of 50 years ago However, as Todd explains if he could go back to when he first learned how to fish, he would choose a left-handed fishing reel. There are a couple of reasons why it logically makes more sense.

Why do pros use Baitcasters?

A baitcaster reel is best for strategically dropping your line in a more crowded area, or in a hot spot like a riverbed Depending on the quality, it’s also powerful enough to be used as an offshore fishing reel.

Can you cast farther with a baitcaster?

With a baitcaster, you can cast to the very bottom of the spool with the same lack of friction as you would if the spool was full Having less line on a baitcaster spool, allows the spool to spin more freely increasing it’s efficiency and your distance.

Why are Baitcasters better?

The reason why baitcasters tend to be preferred by many bass anglers is because of the greater casting accuracy they provide Bass are often found close to heavy cover, and the lure must be placed close to that cover with pinpoint accuracy in order to catch them.

What is a finesse reel?

Bait finesse reel is a special reel that was developed to allow for comfortable casting of lightweight lures Bait finesse has become popular from around 2010, Daiwa · Shimano · AbuGarcia began releasing dedicated reels.

What line should I use for BFS?

Lines. Monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid can all be used as your mainline on a BFS reel, however there are pros and cons to these depending on a few factors. Some reel manufacturers may recommend one over the other due to the design of the spool they have on their reel.

Do you reel with your dominant hand?

For many anglers, the case for each option is simple; While reeling with your dominant hand might allow for better dexterity and speed while taking in line , reeling with your non-dominant eliminates the need to ever switch hands between casting and fighting fish.

How do right-handed people fish?

Most of us right-handed fisherman will use a spinning reel that has the handle on the left so we are casting and holding the rod with our right hand and reeling with our left.


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