Is The Lews Speed Spool Saltwater?

epitomizing lew‘s lighter, faster, stronger concept, the Lew’s Speed Spool Inshore LFS Casting Reel is a lightweight powerhouse that is capable of pulling double-duty in both freshwater and saltwater.

What does LFS mean in Lews reels?

The new LFS Series (stands for Lighter Faster Stronger ) Speed Spool reels include the following features: Four models (5.6:1RH, 6.8:1RH, 6.8:1LH, 7.5:1).

What does SLP mean on Lews reels?

The SLP series means “ super low profile ” , which is what that the HyperMag is built on. This is Lew’s lowest profile reel design.

Does Lews make a saltwater reel?

Lew’s has expanded their product line with the addition of the BB1 Inshore Speed Spool Baitcast Reel and the Speed Spin Inshore Spinning Reel.

Are Lews reels saltwater?

Lew’s All Saltwater Fishing Reels Baitcast Reel for sale | eBay.

How does Lews Speed Dial work?

Lew’s devised their Custom Shop Speed Dial to help anglers become more efficient and proficient. This ingenious spool tension knob features a patented line indicator that lets you dial in the type and poundage of line on the reel.

What does SLP mean on a baitcaster?

High-level performance , with comfort that goes through the roof. With Lew’s® Tournament SLP Speed Spool® Baitcast Reel, you get the best of both, at a great price.

What is the best line for a baitcaster?

  • Sunline Super FC Sniper Fluorocarbon Fishing Line – Good All-Rounder
  • Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Line – A Popular Line & Great Value
  • SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Mono – Best Mono For Your Baitcaster
  • Sufix 832 advanced superline braid – EXCELLENT GO-TO OPTION.

Can you use braided line on a baitcaster?

Braided line is often regarded as the best line for baitcaster fishing , but you still have to pick the right type of braid. Braided fishing line is made from several single strands of high molecular weight polyethylene that are then weaved together and is what gives braided line its incredible strength.

Do you need backing on a baitcaster?

You can tie monofilament or fluorocarbon directly to the spool and start filling the reel, but braided line slips too much when tied directly to the spool so you will need some type of backing to prevent this slippage.

What is the dial on the left side of a baitcaster?

Magnetic brake systems use moving metal magnets and electromagnetic forces to slow the spool speed down. This system is usually controlled by a dial on the side of the reel that is tightened or loosened during the cast.

Does Zebco make Quantum reels?

Quantum reels are owned by Zebco , and Zebco falls under the Rather Outdoors umbrella. Quantum reels are made in China.

Who makes Lews fishing rods?

An affiliate of Peak Rock Capital, a middle market private equity firm, today announced that it has acquired Do Outdoors, Inc. , the parent company of Lew’s Fishing, which has enjoyed a resurgence at the consumer level in recent years under new leadership.

Are Lews spinning reels any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome spinning reel ! I love bass fishing and use both Lews and ABU Garcia reels. Lews spinning and baitcasting reels work flawlessly! Highly recommend your products.

How often should I oil my baitcaster?

Depending on how/where you fish, you prob shouldn’t need to touch them but once every 18-24 months If they stay indoors and have a reel cover can go even longer. If they lay in the bed of your truck and often get drug through the sand…

Does Lews have lifetime warranty?

LEW’S LIMITED LIFETIME ROD WARRANTY Lew’s® warrants to the original retail customer that this rod is free from non conformities in materials and construction.

How long is Lews warranty?

As a general rule, all combo rods and rods with a MSRP of $100 or less manufactured since January 2010 have a 1 year limited warranty.

How do you spool fluorocarbon on a baitcaster?

When spooling fluorocarbon on a baiticaster, turn the spool up on it’s side and make sure the line feeds from the top of the spool into the reel. Put resistance on the line spool, and wind it on evenly and slowly. Braided line should be tightly wound on the reel. Fluorocarbon needs firm tension but not ultra tight.


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