How Much Does It Cost To Go Shark Fishing In Florida?

Depending on the size and species of shark, we can bag your catch or release it back into the waters. Shark charters are $600 for 4 hours of night time shark fishing Shark charters are private, which means your group gets the entire 36′ Ambush for that price.

Where is the best shark fishing in Florida?

You’ve come to the right place for the best Shark fishing charter in Florida. Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater are collectively known as the Tampa Bay Area and are home to an abundant population of many shark species in and around Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Can you shark fish on Fort Myers Beach?

Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island is the perfect place to fish for shark in the warmer months Sharks are strong and powerful swimmers, which is why the sport has become so popular amongst Florida’s anglers.

Can you shark fish on cocoa beach?

Shark Fishing Cocoa Beach offers multiple trips daily aboard one of our Stuart Angler Sport Fishing Boats This is a fun experience, perfect for all ages, families and die-hard fishermen alike. Our captains have the skill and knowledge to provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Can you keep sharks you catch in Florida?

Many species of sharks are prohibited from harvest, possession, or landing in Florida waters Prohibited shark species must remain in the water with the gills submerged when fishing from shore or from a vessel.

What is the best time to shark fish?

Dawn and dusk are often the most productive times to fish for sharks. However, you can certainly catch sharks at any hour of the day or night. Just remember that landing big sharks in the dark is tricky at best, so be sure to have a headlamp at the ready.

What time of the year is best for shark fishing in Florida?

May, June and July are the best months for big fish. Spring and fall we catch larger numbers of fish. In the winter, February and March, we catch loads of sandbar sharks.”.

What beach in Florida has the most sharks?

1) Volusia Volusia in Florida has a record high of shark attacks of any state in the US.

What time of year are sharks most active in Florida?

This pattern explains why shark activity is at its peak in Florida waters during April through October , which coincidentally, is also the time period that humans are more likely to be in the water. Yet shark attacks still remain very rare.

What sharks can you keep in Florida?

The first group of sharks have no minimum size limit, and it includes the Atlantic Sharp Nose, Black Nose, Black Tip, Bonnet Head, Fine Tooth, Smooth Dogfish and Florida Smooth-hounds The second group of shark species have a size limit of fifty-four (54) inches minimum length.

How many black tip sharks can you keep?

Answer: (C) Recreational fishermen can retain: 1 Atlantic sharpnose and1 bonnethead shark per person onboard, And 1 hammerhead or other shark for the entire vessel (e.g., shortfin mako, blacktip, etc.).

Where I can shark fish in Florida?

  • Florida Keys: The fishing epicenter of Florida for most species – Sharks included
  • Sarasota: The waters surrounding Sarasota are the perfect grounds for Shark fishing
  • Destin: Sharks including Nurse, Spinner, Mako, Bull, and more all call the waters surrounding Destin home.

Are there great whites in Cocoa Beach?

Further south, there are five white sharks in Florida waters off of Jacksonville Beach, Cocoa Beach, and Vero Beach One is near Dry Tortugas National Park in the Keys.

Are there a lot of sharks at Cocoa Beach?

The Cocoa Beach Pier in Brevard County, Florida, is shown at sunrise. The county has a recorded 155 shark attacks , the second highest in the state according to the International Shark Attack File.

Where is the best place to catch sharks?

  • FLORIDA. A vast coastline, along with a high population of sharks, makes Florida the top U.S. destination for shark fishing
  • TEXAS. While Florida is the shark fishing capital of the U.S., Texas is close behind

Can you shoot a shark with a gun?

Answer: Sport fishermen may take sharks by hand, hook and line, spearfishing, spear, harpoon or bow and arrow (reference sections 28.65, 28.90 and 28.95). Firearms are not a legal method of take for sharks , so a gun can’t be used to assist in the taking or landing of a shark.

Is fishing sharks illegal?

Shark fishing is not illegal in India Only catching protected species (10 sharks – see box) are prohibited by law, and are considered illegal.

What is the best shark bait Florida?

Best Baits Options for larger sharks include chunks of bonito, mackerel, mullet, barracuda or large menhaden (aka shad) For the sporty little guys of 2 to 3 feet, cut pilchards, threadfin herring and live shrimp do the trick.

What is the best bait for shark fishing?

The most common bait for sharks is bonita as they have a high oil and blood content. The next best is ladyfish, mullet, bluefish or king mackerel You can use chunks of fish or whole depending on the size of the shark you’re targeting.

What tide is best for shark fishing?

High tide is definitely the best tide for catching larger predators like snook, tarpon, sharks, mackerel, bluefish…….. and many other predatory species of fish.

How many shark attacks have there been on Sanibel Island?

On Sanibel and Captiva, there have only been eight documented incidents between humans and sharks on Sanibel, none of which were fatal. In half of those instances, the shark was stepped on or bumped into accidentally. On Captiva, there has never been a documented shark incident.

Are there sharks near Sanibel Island?

By Staff | Jan 7, 2022 3 of a shark swimming close to the shore near the West Wind Island Resort on Sanibel Hoffman reported that the couple watched it from about 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. and sometimes they would lose sight of the shark as it headed east, but then they would see it again as it came back near the resort.

Are there sharks in Cape Coral canals?

In fact, if the water is warm, shallow and murky chances are you’ll find bull sharks living there , regardless of salinity levels! In this part of Florida, they are a common species around Cape Coral and the Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Can you fish off the pier in Florida?

You can fish from a pier for recreational purposes, but you still need a valid pier saltwater fishing license.

What fish are running in Cocoa Beach?

As large numbers of baitfish migrate up and down the beaches of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral so will some Bull Redfish, Triple Tail, Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Blue Fish, and even Sharks !.

Is shark good to eat?

Why eating shark is dangerous for humans. Eating sharks not only threatens the life of our oceans, it can also be extremely harmful to humans This is because of the various toxins found in the shark meat that then pass on to us when we eat them.

What does shark taste like?

Depending on who is doing the dining, shark meat tastes like chicken, or roadkill It’s meaty and mild, but has to be soaked well before it’s eaten because sharks urinate through their skin.

How long is the Florida shark fishing course?

The Florida Shark Fishing Course and the Permit are both free, and usually take between 15-30 minutes to complete. You must take the Shark-Smart Fishing Educational Course annually. A few key notes from the course include: Get your plan ready and know what type of gear to use.

Is it illegal to cut off shark fins?

But that would be against state law. California is one of 12 states that bans the sale of shark fins —measures to help prevent further declines of shark populations and to deter finning, which has been illegal in U.S. waters since 2000.

What gear do you use for shark fishing?

Shark Fishing Gear for Beach Anglers Use a 7 to 10-foot heavy-duty, fast-action saltwater fishing rod or surf rod with plenty of backbone Use a heavy conventional saltwater star-drag reel with a very high line capacity (5200/100-pound braid) and low gear ratio.

Where is the best saltwater fishing in Florida?

  • Big Lagoon State Park.
  • Fort Pickens fishing pier & beaches.
  • Johnson’s Beach at Gulf Islands National Seashore.
  • Old 3 mile bridge fishing pier.
  • Oriskany Artificial Reef (22.5 nautical miles southeast of Pensacola Pass)
  • Palafox Pier.
  • Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier.

What is the most shark infested beach?

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Florida has more shark attacks each year than any other area in the world, according to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF).

What is the dirtiest beach in Florida?

At the state’s most polluted beach, South Beach in Key West , water tests found excessive bacteria counts 22 days out of 43 tested. Closer to home in Southwest Florida, Environment Florida’s data showed the region’s beaches are among the cleanest in the state.

What is the most shark infested beach in America?

  • Surf Beach, north of Santa Barbara, California.
  • New Smyrna Beach, Florida.
  • Topsail Island, North Carolina.
  • Fripp Island, South Carolina.
  • Lyman Beach, Kona, Hawaii.

What to do if a shark is chasing you?

  • Move slowly toward the shore or a boat; choose whichever is closest. Do not thrash your arms or kick or splash while you swim.
  • Do not block the shark’s path. If you are standing between the shark and the open ocean, move away.
  • Do not turn your back on the shark as you move.

What do sharks hate?

As reported by Discovery Channel, the first significant discovery was that sharks hate the smell of rotting shark carcasses and quickly swim away from the scent.

What is the best tasting shark?

Mako Shark is considered the best of all Sharks to eat. The flesh is dense and meaty making it exceptionally versatile. It is low in fat with a medium full flavor. Mako meat is similar to Swordfish, but is generally a little darker and moister.

Can you keep a black tip shark in Florida?

Different rules for different Florida shark species About 25 shark species are prohibited from harvest in Florida waters, which extend 3 miles from the coast. The blacktips are not one of them, but their harvest is limited to one shark per person per day or two sharks per vessel There is no minimum size limit.

What sharks are legal eating?

Species such as mako, thresher, and blacktip are among those that are fished for their meat. Alternate names for shark meat include flake, dogfish, grayfish, and whitefish. Imitation crab (surimi) and fish and chips are sometimes made from shark meat as well.


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