How Much Does A 14ft Jon Boat Go For?

Most 14ft jon boats cost between $850-1,200 which is similar to the 12ft models. More expensive packages may also be available and will include trailer, engine and sometimes basic safety equipment. The 14ft jon boat is the best, and worst, of two worlds.

How fast will a 14 foot jon boat go?

14 Foot Jon Boat Speed You can expect 20-25mph out of your 14-footer. This boat length will generally allow for a 15-20hp engine, with some permitting up to 25hp motors.

Are jon boats worth it?

These are an excellent way to try your hand at fishing and boating without breaking the bank. If you do decide on a jon boat, you will find that it is one of the best ways to get started in fishing and boating Known for their flat, stable bottom, jon boats are an excellent way to have a fun day on the water.

How much does a 14ft jon boat weigh?

A 14 foot Jon Boat will on average weigh about 160 pounds (72 kilos) not including the motor, and hold around 610 pounds (277 kilos) of people and gear.

Can you stand up in a jon boat?

The jon boat flat bottom offers you stability when you stand You could wrestle your catch as hard as possible and your boat will not tip over, provided the weight in your boat is well distributed. That said, use sound judgment when standing in one of these boats.

Do tracker jon boats come with trailers?

Except for TOPPER™ non-package jon boats, every TRACKER® Mod V, Deep V and GRIZZLY® model comes standard with a custom-fit trailer.

How big is a 1232 jon boat?

Alumacraft 1232 JON is a 3.60 meters aluminium boat with accommodation for 2 people and the draft of 0.30 meters. The powerboat with aluminum hull has CE certification class (D) and can go in protected waters.

What is the biggest motor you can put on a 14ft jon boat?

14 foot Jon Boats average a maximum horsepower of 15-20hp but some will fall outside of that range based on the specific boat.

How long do Jon boats last?

But, how long will a Jon Boat last? Aluminum Jon Boats can last decades, if not a lifetime Their aluminum hulls are inherently durable, not prone to rust, and is incredibly strong. If cared for appropriately, there’s no reason a Jon Boat shouldn’t last up to 30-50 years or more.

What are Jon boats good for?

Jon boats are essentially flat-bottomed, utility boats. They are used for a variety of different tasks, from hunting to fishing to collecting lumber Because of the flat shape of the hull, Jon boats tend to sit on top of the water as opposed to cruising through it.

What is a 1448 jon boat?

Overview. The all-purpose, all-welded TRACKER® GRIZZLY® 1448 Jon is a tough, nimble and affordable aluminum jon boat The deep, roomy interior leaves plenty of room for fishing tackle or duck decoys, and 2 seat bases accept a variety of seating options. GRIZZLY jon boats have a thick,.

How much does a tracker 1436 weigh?

Transom height: 15.5 in. Draft: 5.12 in. Average dry weight: 162 lb. Average package weight: 314 lb.

How much is a jon boat trailer?

How much do Jon boat trailers cost? You can pick up a cheap kit on Amazon for between $500 and $800.

How much does a 14ft aluminum boat weigh?

Smaller aluminum fishing boats typically weigh around 400 pounds and a 14 feet cabin cruisers will often weigh around 14,000 pounds.

How big of a motor can you put on a 12-foot jon boat?

12-foot jon boats have an average weight capacity of 420 pounds and an average maximum horsepower of about 5 to 7 HP , however, some models allow up to 10 HP. A 5 HP motor is expected to have a top speed of 10mph. 7 HP could have 15mph or more.

How wide is a 14 foot jon boat?

14 feet (4.3 m) long Jon boat This 60 to 70 inches (1.5 – 1.8 m) wide Jon boat comes with a bow decked area and two bench seats.

Did alumacraft stop making bass boats?

Since BRP acquired Alumacraft in 2018, the team has been focused on technical expertise, design prowess, and ingenuity.

Is 25 mph fast for a boat?

A middle-of-the-road option in terms of average pontoon boat speed is the 21-foot Triton pontoon boat and its 90 HP engine. This boat’s combination of speed and strength gives it a top boat speed of around 25 MPH even when you have a few friends aboard weighing it down.

How fast can a 5 horsepower boat motor go?

Had conditions been better, it is possible the Honda would have reached the 5-knot goal, however in our test it managed an average top speed of 4.9 knots Acceleration was second best on test (behind the Yamaha), reaching its top speed of just under 5 knots in 5.29 seconds.

How can I make my jon boat faster?

  • 3 Ways to Make a Boat Faster. Reduce weight
  • Reduce Weight. Reducing weight is like finding free horsepower, and many boat owners are surprised how much weight they can leave on the dock
  • Don’t Over-Trim
  • Change Your Propeller.

How much does a 1436 jon boat weight?

Tracker Topper 1436: 162 pounds (73kg) Smoker Craft 1436: 185 pounds (84kg) G3 Boats 14 Foot (average of 14 foot models): 190 pounds (86kg).

What are the disadvantages of a jon boat?

  • Rough Water. Most Jon Boats are going to have a relatively flat-bottomed hull shape instead of a more traditional V-shaped hull
  • Leisure and Comfort. In fairness, leisure is fairly subjective from person to person
  • Water Sports
  • Need Size for Speed
  • Engine Noise.

Why is it called a jon boat?

Because the boats were stable and easy to construct, they became favorite transportation for many fishermen. Apparently, one of the fishermen named his flat bottomed boat “john boat” after himself And the name took off from there especially since “Jon” or “John” is a very common name in Scandinavia.

Can you put a jon boat on top of a car?

You can put a jon boat on top of a car as long as your car’s towing capacity is sufficient to handle the weight of a jon boat and you use the necessary equipment to attach it to your car, including tie-down straps and a roof rack.

How do I make my jon boat hold more weight?

add flotation pods Because the stern houses the heaviest items on a jon boat like the gas tank, engine, and battery, you can add buoyancy to the boat by counteracting the weight on that side of the boat by adding flotation pods. The flotation pods should be added on the outside of the boat, one to each side of the aft.

Is a 12 foot jon boat big enough?

A 12-foot jon boat is perfect for teaching young anglers how to fish You can access small unpressured waters, and because you’re sitting close to each other (unlike in a canoe), it’s easy to help them with gear problems, and take pics of a big fish before letting it go.

How do I make my jon boat more stable?

Adding buoyancy to your Jon boat means enhancing its floating ability in the water, which improves the stability of the boat. Buoyancy helps decrease the effect of the heavy load on the boat.

Are Jon boats sturdy?

Thanks to its basic layout combined with a flat-bottomed hull and a durable aluminum construction , they are the ideal vessel for navigating in shallow and muddy waters. Jon Boats are cheap and easily found used on places like Craigslist too.

How can I make my jon boat more comfortable?

Adding carpeting to your jon boat not only makes it look better, hiding modification construction & imperfections, it is far more comfortable too. Carpet is softer to stand on and prevents uncomfortable burns from a hot metal deck. Make sure you use a quality outdoor style carpet to ensure long life.

Are TRACKER Boats welded or riveted?

Tracker aluminum boats are welded rather than riveted It is generally accepted that riveted seams are more likely to develop leaks but are far easier to repair than welded seams. Tracker uses lasers for the precision fabrication of aluminum parts.

How much is a 2004 Tracker boat worth?

2004 Bass Tracker – $10,000.00.

How much do TRACKER Boats cost?

8. Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL. The Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL isn’t just a throwback to the original Tracker comfortable-if-no-frills basic aluminum bass boat design, it’s also a throwback in the pricing department. Listing at a hair under $12,000 , just about any average American will find it easy to afford.

What is the weight limit on a 12 foot jon boat?

An average 12 feet (3.65 m) long Jon boat weighs 120 pounds (54.5 kg), excluding an engine. It can hold about 400 to 450 pounds (181.5 – 204 kg) of extra load Thanks to a maximum of 5 to 7 HP, this vessel has a top speed of 10 to 15 mph (16 – 24 km/h).

Who makes a 1248 jon boat?

For Work Or Play. A Boat For All Needs! WeldBilt Jon Boats and Duck Boats are one of the best buys for your money on the market today.

How much HP does a 14ft boat need?

It depends on the boat. Some 14’s are wide and deep and could handle a 25 while others are narrow and shallow and would be scary at any higher speed or even sitting still with all that weight. A 15 hp is a good compromise, same weight as a 9.9 and enough speed.

How fast will a 3.5 hp outboard go?

Question: How Fast will a 3.5HP Outboard Motor Go? Answer: A 3.5HP electric outboard motor can push a 12-foot boat with a load of 331 pounds at the most, with a speed of 5.6 MPH It can sufficiently push forward a 10-foot tender and it can work for a day sailer as an auxiliary power for up to 3,307 pounds.


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