How Hard Is It To Catch A Kingfish?

There are many ways of targeting kingfish from using a wide variety of baits to lures. Although debatable, kingfish can be one of the hardest fish to land , as it is commonly known to make a run to the rocks or anything sharp to bust you off as soon as you hookup.

What do kingfish feed on?

Kingfish Baits and Lures Silvery live baits such pilchards, threadfin herring, menhaden, mullet and blue runners are preferable to dead baits, according to virtually all top tournament anglers.

What hooks to use for kingfish?

Rigging for kingfish requires wire leaders, as the fish sport formidable teeth, and kingfish rigs are typically simple affairs: a lead hook, often a J-hook, with one or more treble stinger hooks , which can be embedded near the bait’s tail or allowed to swing freely.

What’s the best time to catch kingfish?

Kingfish are the most active when the waters start to warm up in the Gulf of Mexico, which usually starts in mid-June Plan to fish during this time so you’re more likely to catch them. Kingfish bite throughout the day, so you can fish starting in the morning and end around sundown.

How do you target kingfish?

Lures, live baits and well-presented dead baits are the most popular techniques employed to target kingfish. Fishers need to respect this powerful fish and use suitably heavy tackle as they have a well-known reputation for breaking gear, cutting lines on underwater obstacles and quickly escaping.

What is the depth of a kingfish?

Kings are “green water” fish for the most part, traveling the band of water between the beaches and the indigo depths of the continental shelf. Preferred depths seem to be anything from 20 to 250 feet , with some big ones found at times on the deep edge of the continental shelf and over deepwater wrecks.

Do kingfish eat mullet?

There is a wide selection of baits that can effectively be used for kings, including live slimy mackerel, yellowtail scad, salmon trout, garfish, mullet, herring, silver trevally, and of course squid. Of the above baits, live mackerel, salmon trout and squid are, in my opinion, the number one baits.

What size hooks for kingfish rig?

Product Description. Our Kingfish Stinger Rigs feature a #4 4X strong Mustad Treble hook, a 2/0 9407 J hook and 40lb steel leader. The main leader is 28″ and the stinger is 5-6″ long. The swivel is a #4 rolling swivel.

Who is the pound leader for kingfish?

Around 24-37kg gear is recommended, connected to around 3-5 metres of 37-45kg (80-100lb) trace This is a long leader, but it needs to be.

Where do you shoot kingfish?

When spearing the fish – try to land your shaft just above the pectoral fin along the lateral line behind the gill plate ; this will provide a solid holding shot which will effectively bleed the fish out, resulting in less struggle and a quicker death. Refer to the cross-section of a kingfish on the previous page.

How much drag is needed for kingfish?

In most situations I like to run with approximately 8kg of drag at the strike setting This is fine on a medium-sized fish and you can easily apply more drag by pushing the lever past the ‘strike’ setting.

How long should a kingfish leader be?

The length of the main leader is usually around 24 inches , just long enough to prevent a cut-off should the fish strike the head of the bait.


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