How Do You Troll With Planer?

How fast can you troll with a planer?

It’s simple to use, enables a bait to be placed between 20 and 50 feet down, and is light-tackle friendly. It works over a wide range of trolling speeds, from slow-trolling with natural baits to pulling artificials up to 15 mph.

How deep does a number 4 planer go?

Available in sizes #1 through #4. Will reach depths from 5′ to 35′ depending upon your trolling speed.

What size trolling planer do I need?

Select the size of your planer to match your tackle and the species of fish you would like to catch. A #1 or #2 planer will work well in most fishing situations but those who target big tuna on the offshore grounds will need the extra diving power of a #3 When selecting a leader use as light a line as practical.

How deep will a number 2 planer dive?

How Deep can Planers Get? The depth to which a planer dives depends on the area of the plate, the speed of the tow and the length of the planer line. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect around 15ft (5m) of depth for each 30ft (10m) of planer line deployed.

How deep does a number 6 planer go?

This setup is designed to prevent tangles. Pulled 100 feet back on 100-pound Power-Pro, the #6 carries baits down approximately 25 feet While both baits — like the Classic Mullet Strip — and lures can be successfully run on planers, Wimberly offers a special warning when deploying spoons.

How do you make planer boards pull harder?

One trick is to loosen the nuts on the back rod and move the middle and outer board in about 3/4 inch This gives the board more bite and often helps them pull harder. You can move the eye – back – in 1 inch increments – to get them to pull harder.

How deep will a number 1 planer go?

A number 1 planer is the smallest size. It will dive down 5-7 feet below the surface. While anglers can use a spinning rod, a light conventional rod and reel combination is a better choice.

How do you fish with planer boards?

How to Use Planer Boards. When using planer boards, keep the rod tip high in the rod holders That way, the line runs straight to the planer board without dragging in the water. Depending on the fishing line you use, and the clips used on the board, you may have to double wrap your line to prevent sliding.

What depth should I troll for wahoo?

Most will troll for wahoo in the 13-17 knot range, while others will pace around 20. The idea is to zig-zag from roughly 150-foot depth out to 500-feet essentially dragging your baits off the reef like a baitfish being flushed off the bank with the tide.

What can I use instead of a downrigger?

The secret to trolling without a downrigger is being able to replicate success. That is why I highly recommend a level-wind reel with a built-in line counter If you don’t have a line counter for your reel, just find a repeatable method to play out line. Another consideration when choosing a reel is spool size.

What is a fish planer?

Planers have a simple, innovative design that uses water pressure to drive the baits deep A sliding ring helps the planer dive deep by angling the silver plate downward like a plug. When you get a bite, they “trip” and the bait or fish rise to the surface. We usually pull two planers in our normal spread.


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