How Do You Set Up A Bass Chatterbait?

What is the best line for Chatterbaits?

“The fluorocarbon line and glass composite rod in a heavy action is the way to go,” he reiterated. “And the Chronarch is a 6.2:1 ratio, which is the perfect reel ratio for reeling and snapping Chatterbaits through the grass.”.

When should you use a chatterbait?

Also known as a vibrating jig or bladed jig, the chatterbait can be fished from late winter through the autumn months , with spring being the most productive time of the year. As long as you know how to fish a chatterbait for bass, you can have successful outings whenever you choose to hit the water.

Does a chatterbait need a trailer?

A Chatterbait fished alone will catch lots of bass, but adding a soft plastic trailer will enhance your chances of catching even more fish.

What size should a ChatterBait be to throw?

Chatterbaits of 1/2oz are the standard choice for areas 1 to 8 feet deep You’ll have to downsize to 3/8oz or 1/4oz if the lure gets hung on the grass and structure. Upsize to 3/4oz to 1oz to reach below 10 feet. Your choice of color will depend on the seasonality and baits.

Can I use a ChatterBait with a spinning reel?

It does not matter if you use a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel However, the gear ratio does matter. No matter your reel type, make sure the gear ratio is, at a minimum, 6.0:1. This will help your setup manage larger bass and even the occasional Northern Pike has a go at your chatterbait.

Is 20lb braid good for bass?

20 pound test braid is our recommended max on spinning gear Baitcasters can handle much heavier line and are well suited for bigger baits and situations where long cast are needed. Most bass anglers outfit their bait casting reels with 15-25 pound test mono/fluoro or 30-65 pound test braid.

What kind of trailer do you put on a chatterbait?

There are 3 main types of trailers that you can put on a chatterbait: Swimbait trailer Craw trailer. Fluke trailer.

What’s the best trailer to put on a chatterbait?

  • 1) 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm.
  • 2) Gary Yamamoto Zako.
  • 3) BioSpawn ExoSwim.
  • 4) BioSpawn ExoPod.
  • 5) Big O’s Gamechanger Lures Eeliminator.

What weight ChatterBait should I use?

3/8 oz to 5/8 oz seems to be the most effective sizes. Color choice of the darker colors, black/blue, brown/orange, pumpkin, or green pumpkin seems to be the most effective. Blade color is optional but I prefer either a dark scaled blade (Pro2 black/blue) or a black nickel blade (Chatterbait black/blue).

Is a bladed jig the same as a ChatterBait?

When you look at a bladed jig, it’s hard to figure out if it’s a version of a spinnerbait or a jig. The bladed jig first came on the bass fishing scene as the original ChatterBait Featuring a jig body with a hexagon-shaped blade, the ChatterBait and its spin-offs have become a hit with the B.A.S.S.

Is 10lb line good for bass?

Beginner Bass Fishing Rods, Reels, & Line To start, try spooling 6-10lb monofilament or fluorocarbon to your spinning combo For baitcasting gear, beef up to between 10-20lb for clear line and use between 30-40lb braided line. Monofilament is the cheapest, and fluorocarbon is the clearest in the water.

How fast should I reel in a crankbait?

The correct speed of any crankbait reel is 21 inches of line pick-up per turn of the reel handle.

Are Chatterbaits good for bass?

Chatterbaits are a great technique to target bass in and around shallow cover.

Do Chatterbaits work in clear water?

The ChatterBait has become my clear-water crankbait and I’ve been able to extend that bite for months. I’ve been able to leave my main areas, let them rest and find similar areas in other parts of the lake—water color hasn’t really mattered. If it’s dirty, I’ll still throw a crankbait.

What color is best for chatterbait?

White is always a good color chatterbait For good reason, too. Almost all species of baitfish will resemble white in the water. So spinnerbaits, crankbaits, buzzbaits, and the like have a variety of different white patterns.

Are glass rods good for ChatterBaits?

“Just about anytime I’m winding something in, I use a glass rod,” Wiggins confirms. “ I use them for spinnerbaits, diving crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and ChatterBaits The only exception is swim jigs or swimming worms, where I need to drive the hook more.”.

What is the best gear ratio for crankbaits?

Low gear ratio reel | 5.1:1 thru 5.4:1 A lower fishing gear ratio reel is ideal for big baits that pull a lot, such as deep crankbaits. These reels have the highest amount of torque, allowing you to put less effort into retrieving the bait and more energy towards finding the fish.

What is the best fishing line for crankbaits?

Monofilament Fishing Line The best multipurpose line is monofilament. It has been an all-around great bass fishing line for years and is affordable. Monofilament has more stretch than fluorocarbon or braid so it is ideal for running shallow-diving crankbaits through wood or rocks.

Should I use a leader when bass fishing?

For bass fishing per se, you don’t need to use a wire leader , as their teeth do not manage to cut through fluorocarbon line. But in waters that hold a lot of pike or musky, using a thinner wire leader of 10-12lb can reduce the risk of getting bite-offs significantly.

What color braid is best for bass?

A natural color braided, such as a green moss , would be a great option as it’s less visible because it blends in more with the color of the water.

What color line is best for bass fishing?

What matters to we bass anglers is simply this. Studies have established that bass color vision is strongest in medium to light reds, red-orange and yellow-greens As for blues and purples it’s quite weak. When fishing, remember, the deeper the water or less clear the water, the less light and color there will be.

Is a fluke a good trailer for a chatterbait?

If they’re gorging on shad, you’ll often find regurgitated shad on the water’s surface and their bellies will feel “mushy”. If you notice any of this while you’re fishing, it’s always a great idea to use a Zoom Salty Super Fluke as a bladed swim jig trailer.


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