How Do You Set A Waggler Float?

How do waggler floats work?

The waggler is a float that attaches bottom-end only and is cast on rod and line , as opposed to being shipped out on a pole. In bygone years, waggler fishing was the nation’s number one form of float fishing, though today it is arguably under challenge from pole fishing in terms of popularity.

What depth should you float fish?

A slider rig is one of the best ways to float fish a bait on the bottom in deep venues – those 10ft deep or more – because the float isn’t locked in position on the line like normal waggler rigs. This means that any depth of water can be tackled, and casting is easy.

What depth should I fish a pellet waggler?

Depth. Whatever the depth of swim on typical, man-made commercial pools, Steve always starts off fishing his pellet waggler rig at 2ft deep He says there are days when you will catch shallower or deeper, but not by much. A foot either side of that initial two feet depth will be all it takes!.

How deep should you fish a pellet waggler?

Set your depth to about 60cm (2 feet) , pick a spot you want to fish and cast your float to it. Now using a catapult begin feeding a few pellets(5 or 6) at a time around your float. Often a 6mm pellet for your hook and feed is good but you can always try 4mm feed pellets.

Should floating fishing line sink?

The buoyancy of a fishing line primarily depends on its and the water’s density. If the fishing line has a higher density than water, then the fishing line will sink Also, the reverse is true. If the fishing line has a lower density than water, then the fishing line will float.

How do you shoot a waggler?

Waggler floats are attached bottom-end only with the reel line running through a plastic or metal eye. Wagglers are locked in place by split shot nipped either side of the eye The vast bulk of the shot must be placed around the eye in order for them to be cast accurately over long distances.

What is the best fishing line for waggler fishing?

Main line on your reel for still water waggler fishing should be a low diameter brand in the 5lb to 6lb region to cope with the rigours of casting (river anglers may wish to go as low as 3lb to offset the effect of the moving water).

Can you use a feeder rod for pellet waggler fishing?

Combination rods that are required to perform tow very different jobs are often a poor compromise, but this excellent 11ft (3.35m) Red Range design works perfectly as a Method Feeder and as a Pellet Waggler.

Can you float fish with a pellet waggler rod?

Use the right gear – Pellet waggler tackle needs to be balanced, heavy tackle and light floats can’t be use effectively but too light and the big fish can’t be landed Larger diameter hooklengths – By using a hooklength of 0.20mm or above it helps to slow the fall of the hook bait.

What is the best bait for float fishing?

Two personal favourite baits to fish under a float is the ever faithful “golden grain” sweet corn and a big bunch of wriggling maggots ! With these choices, you may on occasion end up catching other species, but a big carp caught on the humble maggot is certainly a catch to cherish.

What is a loaded waggler float?

1 Drennan Crystal Wagglers Crystals are made of see-through hollow plastic designed for both silverfish and carp and in loaded and unloaded versions. ‘Loaded’ means the floats have a metal weight incorporated in the base that provides the casting weight in place of split shot, and which cocks the float.

How far should the float be from the hook?

At the moment you should have a float on the line, fixed at about 18 inches (45 cm) up the line from the hook. If you swing the line out into the water now, the float will either lay flat on the surface or perhaps poke out of the water several inches.

What is the best line for pellet waggler fishing?

Terminal Tackle Simple and strong is the key to pellet-waggler fishing. Firstly the reel line is 4lb Pulse , which is a strong, low-diameter reel line, ideal for casting the light floats. The hooklength is 0.15mm combined with a size 18 Super MWG hook with a short hair rig and bait band.

Does Vaseline make fishing line float?

The use of Vaseline on fishing line will create a thicker waterproof layer than the hair conditioner or baby oil options. Many anglers have used Vaseline predominantly as an additive to help their line float because Vaseline is approximately 21% lighter than water.

Is it best to float fish on the bottom?

Bait presentation Fish do not always feed on the bottom For different reasons at different times of the year, fish can be near the surface or in mid-water. A float can be used to set the bait at a particular depth, not just on the bottom.


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