How Do You Make A Korda Spinner Rig?

What do I need for a Spinner Rig?

  • Hooks.
  • spinner swivels.
  • Kickers.
  • Hook ring swivels.
  • Hook beads.
  • Hooklink material.
  • Crimps and crimping tool if using the Boom material.
  • Hooklink sleeve.

How does a Spinner Rig work?

The mechanics of the rig gives it a natural movement on the lake bed Another advantage of the Spinner is in its movement. Mounting a hook on a quick-change swivel gives it an unhindered 360-degree rotation, so no matter what direction the carp approaches it from there is still a great chance your hook can take hold.

Can you use a Wafter on a Spinner Rig?

You can use a wafter or pop-up style hook bait with this rig If you are new to the SPINNER, then our READY TIED SPINNER RIGS will give you instant confidence.

Can you use pva bags with a spinner rig?

The rig should be fished with a balanced bait, allowing the hook to sit flat, with the bait wafting directly above it. A piece of PVA foam or a small PVA bag can be slid over the rig, protecting it from tangles offering the perfect presentation.

Can you put a PVA bag on a spinner rig?

Short Ronnie or Spinner rigs, these are designed to use with a Pop up or Wafter combined with a PVA bag This method is gaining popularity as it combines the very effective Ronnie Rig with the benefits of the PVA bag ensuring your small amount of free offerings are around your bait.

Is a Spinner Rig the same as a Ronnie?

The Ronnie or Spinner Rig as it’s referred to has become a popular specimen rig to use due to hook being free to spin 360 offering a neat low-lying presentation, especially favoured for use with popups / baits with cork inserts.

Can u use a bottom bait on a Spinner Rig?

Been using German/spinner/360 all with bottom baits or with toppers, works fine.

What’s the best rig for carp fishing?


Can you fish a Wafter on a Ronnie rig?

It’s an all-out winner for my style of angling.” Do you ever fish a wafter or bottom bait with a Ronnie, or is an out-and-out pop-up rig in your eyes? “ No, I only ever use this rig with pop-ups I know some people like to use wafters and bottom baits and that they work well too.

What rig is best for a Wafter?

D-Rig A stiff rig designed for use with wafters or bottom baits can come in very handy if you find yourself fishing over firm areas like compacted silt or gravel, and a D rig tied with fluorocarbon is the natural choice.

Why is it called a Ronnie rig?

The original rig, devised by Ronnie and the Apache on Elstow , utilised a very strong/heavy braid to tie the hook to the swivel together and to form a slip-D style loop of braid to mount the hookbait onto.

Will carp bite lures?

Don’t exclude lures when you’re fishing for carp! Most people don’t even think to try lures when fishing for carp. The fact is, carp, even smaller ones, eat minnows at certain times of the year This is especially true in the early fall season.

What is a Ronnie rig?

The Ronnie rig is essentially a low lying pop up rig , enabling the boilie subtly sit up just off the lake bed making it ideal for when there is not too much weed or debris.

Do carp like cold water?

Are Carp Active in Cold Water? While being generally less active in lower temperatures, carp will continue to feed even in cold water conditions They will however not feed as excessively as they do during the onset of autumn when the water is still warmer.

Can you use a Ronnie rig in a solid bag?

Unfortunately, though, a Ronnie isn’t suitable for fishing solid PVA bags … or is it? I’ll explain further… I’ve spent quite a few years filming match anglers and have always had an interest in the elasticated Method rigs they use.

Where are carp when its cold?

Open water in the middle of the lake can sometimes be a great winter spot, especially if the fish are pressured as there isn’t that much line to harass them. They can be on the deck or up in the water, and in the middle of the lake they are very often close to the surface, even in cold conditions.

What is a snowman rig in fishing?

A snowman rig is a 2 boilie setup with a standard boilie at the bottom and a smaller pop up at the top It makes the presentation standup odd at the bottom and looks just like a snowman, hence the name.

What is a German rig?

The German rig ticks all of the boxes for me. It is a simple, easy to tie rig that has excellent rig mechanics and undoubtedly strong hook holds The rig is suitable for both bottom baits and wafters, but with a split shot positioned a few millimetres below the hook it also becomes a really effective pop up rig.


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