How Big Do Super Red Bristlenose Plecos Get?

Unlike the widely-seen Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) and Trinidad Pleco (Hypostomus punctatus), which easily reach a monstrous size of 18 to 20+ inches (45 to 51+ cm), the super red bristlenose pleco grows to a size of only 4 to 5.9 inches (10 to 15 cm).

How long do super red Bristlenose plecos live?

The average Bristlenose Pleco lifespan is at least five years , but there have been instances where this fish has lived up to 12 years in captivity! When compared to a lot of the other popular freshwater tank inhabitants, this is a pretty solid length of time.

What is a super red Bristlenose?

Super Red Bristlenose Catfish are a ancistrus catfish that enjoy vegetable based food They are often kept for their appearance in aquariums and eat algae and will enjoy commercial foods like algae wafers and fresh vegetables.

How many Bristlenose plecos should be kept together?

Two to five bristlenose plecos should be kept together. Bristlenose plecos are generally solitary fish. However, they can tolerate several other plecos, given that the tank is large enough. A bristlenose pleco can grow to be five inches long, and it requires plenty of space to live comfortably.

What size tank do Bristlenose plecos need?

Although they are herbivores, they will not harm live plants. Bristlenose Plecos do well in a tank of 20 gallons or larger and can handle a wide range of water conditions from soft and acidic to harder and alkaline. Some hobbyists have found success with Bristlenose Plecos in Cichlid tanks.

How quickly do Bristlenose plecos grow?

Generally, bristlenose pleco fry tend to grow very slowly, staying under an inch in length during their first three months of life. After three months, they usually hit a growth spurt, growing an extra two or three inches until they reach six months of age.

Do Bristlenose plecos eat driftwood?

Yes, bristlenose plecos need wood Placing driftwood and wood bark in the tank will greatly benefit your bristlenose plecos. In fact, failing to provide your bristlenose plecos with wood might even cause them to die prematurely.

Can you keep Bristlenose pleco with corydoras?

Yes, you can keep bristlenose plecos with cory catfish However, because both species are bottom-dwellers, you need to get a large enough tank that extends more horizontally than vertically so that these fish can swim and live comfortably.

What is the smallest pleco?

Average Size: 2.4 inches One of the smallest pleco fish, the dwarf snowball , has white polka dots all over its body.

How much are Bristlenose Plecos?

How Much Do Bristlenose Pleco Cost? These fish can range from very budget-friendly to costly depending on the color morph you purchase. Wild type and albinos can usually be purchased for about $5-20 Special color morphs, like blue-eyed lemon and green dragons, can range all the way up to almost $100.

Can you keep 2 female Bristlenose plecos together?

Yes, you can keep two bristlenose plecos together However, bristlenose plecos are actually solitary, highly territorial fish.

Do Bristlenose plecos get lonely?

Yes, bristlenose plecos can live alone Bristlenose plecos are solitary fish, so they don’t need tank mates to keep them company. They can live alone in the tank with no problems.

Can I put a pleco in a 20 gallon tank?

Each Bristlenose Pleco requires 10 gallons of space, so you can house 2 in a 20-gallon tank Remember to not keep more than 1 male in the same tank. Let’s take a closer look and talk about everything you need to know to keep these awesome fish happy and healthy.

Do I need to feed my Bristlenose pleco?

Pleco, unlike other fishes, are not regular eaters. They prefer to consume pellets or food only when the algae in the tank is not enough But as a fish keeper, it is always good to know about their dietary needs and the food they can consume. It comes in handy if the algae level drops or after you clean a tank.

Do Bristlenose plecos eat snails?

As I mentioned before, plecos will eat or munch on anything they can find. Plecos will eat dead fish and snails too They will also eat decaying aquarium plans, and will munch on some plants.

Can Bristlenose plecos live with bettas?

Bristlenose Plecos make great Betta fish tank mates Much like the other species of the list, Bristlenose Plecos are easy to care for and require little extra treatment. Plecos are armored with extremely tough plates, so even if you Betta gets a little picky, the Pleco won’t be phased.

Can Bristlenose pleco live in cold water?

Bristlenose plecos, despite their small adult size of only 3 to 5 inches, are a bit more cold resistant, able to survive water temperatures that fall into the 50’s (10°C~).

How long does it take for a pleco to grow full size?

It takes about five years for a common pleco to grow to its full size. A common pleco typically grows 3-5 inches in its first year. After that, its growth rate will slow down until it attains its full size of 20-25 inches.

Are Bristlenose plecos easy to breed?

Bristlenose plecos are easy to breed and only usually have to be provided with a cave to spawn in – the rest they do on their own. You should always try to have more females than males, unless you have a very large tank. The males are incredibly territorial and will quickly claim a cave for breeding purposes.

What is an orange pleco?

Remarks: L106 Orange Seam Plecos (Hemiancistrus guahiborum) are medium-sized Loricariids from Venezuela and Colombia They have a light and dark honeycomb pattern with bright orange trim on the dorsal and caudal fins. Scientific Name: Hemiancistrus guahiborum.

How big do l333 Plecos get?

At a maximum size of 5.1 to 6 inches , this is a very practical and manageable fish. This fish will not bother most plants. It will also scavenge and consume most uneaten fish food. The King Tiger Pleco is an aquarium fish with a unique appearance as well as plenty of personality.

How big do chocolate Plecos get?

Pleco – Chocolate Albino Plecostomus Pleco Our small Chocolate Albino Pleco algae eating fish grow to 1.5 inches in size. This fish has a typical lifespan of 10-15 years and thrive best in water temperatures ranging from 73-82 degrees.

Can you put 2 plecos in the same tank?

“No” to Multiple Plecos Together They often do wonderfully alongside other types of community freshwater fish. When plecos reach maturity, they simply cannot get along with fellow plecos. They can be highly territorial around each other. Therefore, it can be extremely dangerous ever to house them together.

How many plecos Can I put in a 10 gallon tank?

It’s a calm and peaceful fish that likes to hide among the plants or bury itself in the substrate. It’s one of the few plecos that enjoy living in groups, and most experts recommend keeping 3 in a 10-gallon tank.

What is the largest Bristlenose pleco?

The Bristlenose Pleco is a very peaceful and hardy addition to almost any aquarium. At a maximum size of 4 to 5 inches , this is a very practical and manageable fish. This fish will not bother most plants, but it will likely help with algae control, especially as a juvenile.

Do Bristlenose plecos need a heater?

Yes, bristlenose plecos need a heater in their tank They are tropical fish, so they need warm and stable temperatures of around 74°F to 80°F (23°C to 26.5°C) to thrive.

Why do my Bristlenose plecos keep dying?

Old age: Plecos live about 10–20 years, so a fish that reaches 20 is old. If a pleco is old enough for signs of aging to be visible, then it is old enough to begin dying. Lack of oxygen : If your Pleco was in a tank with poor water circulation, then it will not be able to get enough oxygen, and will die.

Will pleco outgrow my tank?

Plecos are not recommended for tanks under 10 gallons. They are sure to outgrow a 10-gallon tank eventually, although it will most likely take years.

What is the biggest pleco?

Liposarcus anisitsi (Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903) is the snow king pleco (formerly of the genus Pterygoplichthys) and grows to 17 inches in length (30 inches according to Burgess 1989).

How often should I feed my pleco algae wafers?

Give your pleco an algae wafer at night before you go to bed, as plecos are nocturnal and eat at nighttime. If the wafer has been completely consumed by the time you wake up, you can offer another algae wafer to your pleco in the morning. Give meat to your pleco once or twice per week.

What do Bristlenose catfish like to eat?

Bristlenose are vegetarian to omnivorous and require vegetable matter in their diet. Sinking tablets, wafers or pellets containing Spirulina or similar are ideal. Bristlenose catfish also readily feed on vegetables such as squashed peas, cucumber, zucchini, pump- kin and lettuce.

What are pleco caves?

A fish cave or pleco cave allows the fish in your aquarium to lay their eggs safely away from the other fish and they provide a great hiding space for smaller fish. We now also have some breeding tanks and nets in stock.

Do plecos like sand or gravel?

The ideal substrate for plecos is fine gravel or soft sand because it will allow the pleco to filter through the substrate to find food. The tank should be densely planted, especially with broad-leafed species like Java Fern and Anubias, to ensure that the pleco can feed on algae growing on the surface of the leaves.

Why is my pleco turning GREY?

The most common reasons a pleco will turn white are poor nutrition, stress, disease, or inadequate tank conditions We will discuss why your pleco is turning white and things you can do to prevent it from dying.

What do plecos like in their tank?

Plecos require plenty of fiber. Supplement with raw zucchini, sweet potato, carrots, lettuce, spinach or cucumbers as a treat once or twice a week. Raw vegetables should be anchored near the bottom of the aquarium. Some plecos require driftwood as part of their diet, supplying them with cellulose and lignin.

Can plecos live with Tetras?

Suckermouth Catfish (Plecos) make great tank mates for tetras Ottos stay under 2 inches and live in groups, similar to most tetras. The clown peckoltia (Peckoltia vittata) gets to be a bit larger at 4 inches and can live singly; it generally will not harm tetras. The bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus spp.).

Is a pleco a community fish?

Plecos will be fine with almost any peaceful, community fish that isn’t big enough to eat them Likewise, do not add any fish that are small enough to fit in the pleco’s mouth. Usually, these catfish are scavengers and won’t eat other animals unless they have already passed away.

Can plecos live with Mollies?

Plecos generally pair well with cichlids, angelfish, barbs, bettas, other catfish species, gouramis, guppies, hatchets, loaches, mollies and platies.

How many babies do Bristlenose Plecos have?

They need to age close to a year before able to breed regularly, and a single pair can be very prolific, having 150 -200 eggs at a time.

What is the easiest pleco to breed?

Bristlenose Plecos are one of the easiest species of freshwater tropical fish to breed, plus they are almost always in demand, wherever in the world you are.

How many Plecos should I buy for breeding?

And the one thing that remains constant in most of them is their breeding habits. What is this? Plecos are not difficult to breed and won’t need any special breeding tank or additive to initiate mating. All you need is a pair of adult plecos interested in mating and a tank large enough for them.


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