How Big Do Leopard Corys Get?

How long do leopard Corydoras live?

They have a lifespan of 5 or more years This fish belongs to the catfish family Callichthyidae, and like all catfish they are scaleless. Corydoras are known as armored catfish because they have two rows of bony plates, called scutes, along the length of the body.

What do leopard corys eat?

Cory catfish in nature eat insects, larvae, and worms while captive corys will eat pellets, algae rounds, and other pellets and tablets. Cory catfish eat a bottom-feeding diet that includes algae pellets, shrimp pellets, fish flakes, worms, and anything else that fits in their mouth.

How many cory catfish need to be kept together?

As a relatively small fish, they crave safety in numbers, so a group of six corydoras or more (all of the same species) is highly suggested. These peaceful bottom dwellers can be kept with pretty much any community fish that won’t eat or attack them.

Is 2 cory catfish enough?

While Cory Cats can survive alone, they seem much happier in a group of two or more Two Cory Cats of the same type will often stay close to one another as they move throughout the tank to feed.

Do cory catfish clean the tank?

As a small bottom feeder, the cory catfish is an extremely efficient cleaner It will scavenge the leftovers that have sunk to the bottom, cleaning up after messier fish that feed at the surface and midlevel of the tank.

How do I know if my Corydoras are happy?

A happy, healthy Cory Catfish will uniquely dance around the tank In schools, these fish tend to stay together at most times. If you notice your Cory off and alone in your tank, this can signify that they are unhappy or lonely.

Do bettas and cory catfish get along?

Corydoras’ are peaceful fish that won’t ever be aggressive towards your betta They are very sociable, however, and this is especially true when they’re with their own kind. If you keep Corydoras’ in groups of 6 or more you’ll notice them schooling and foraging the bottom of your tank together.

Can you mix cory catfish?

Corydoras Behavior/Compatibility Different species can be mixed , and they will often group together. For best results, they should be purchased in groups of 5 or more. These catfish will sometimes dart to the surface to gulp air.

Is gravel ok for cory catfish?

Can Cory Catfish Live With Gravel? While corydoras can survive on gravel, it is not ideal for them We do not recommend keeping corydoras on gravel. Unfortunately for aquarium keepers that prefer gravel over sand, corydoras will not thrive on gravel.

Do cory catfish need hiding places?

This species perfectly embodies classic Cory behavior, and habitat requirements. They do best in tanks with soft, sandy substrate with lots of shady hiding spots like rock outcroppings or caves, floating plants, or other furnishings up to the discretion of the aquarist.

Do cory catfish eat fish poop?

No fish eats poop However, catfish like corydoras and bristle nose and sometimes snails or shrimps are referred to as “clean up crew.” You bring them into your tank to clean it off of dirt or poop. This cleaning method is said to be ineffective and people’s lazy way of maintaining a fish tank.

Why is my cory catfish turning white?

Your cory catfish is turning white because it’s stressed or ill If you just bought your cory, it’s likely just turning white or pale because it’s adjusting to the new environment. Once your cory has acclimatized properly, its color will turn darker and richer again.

Do corydoras eat algae wafers?

Catfish (corydoras), loaches and many other bottom feeders have small downward pointed mouths which keeps them from effectively eating a product like Algae Wafers The unique shape of Hikari Tropical Sinking Wafers has been designed to allow these types of fishes to easily grab and ingest the small elliptical wafer.

What fish go well with cory catfish?

  • Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon sp.) .
  • Harlequin Rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) .
  • Swordtails (Xiphophorus helleri) .
  • Nerite Snail (Neritina natalensis) .
  • Otocinclus Catfish (Otocinclus macrospilus) .
  • Mollies (Poecilia sp) .
  • Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya) .
  • Fancy Guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Which is the hardiest cory catfish?

Bronze Cory Catfish are some of the most gorgeous and hardiest types.

How many cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank?

You can put between two and four cory catfish in a 10-gallon tank. A one-inch cory catfish generally requires at least one gallon of water to live comfortably. Depending on the species, cory catfish can grow to be 2–4 inches long. Keep that in mind when considering your tank size and how many corys to bring home.

How many pellets should I feed my cory catfish?

You only have to feed your Corys the quantity they can eat in five minutes. Feeding them once, or at most, twice a day is okay. They will spend the rest hours scavenging and getting foods for themselves, even when other fishes can’t.

Why are my corys dying?

Your filter can’t take on all waste, so changing water on a regular basis provides your fish with new clean water. If you don’t change your water, ammonia and nitrates will start stacking up. In high concentrations, your fish can die because of these.

Do Corydoras eat snails?

Will Cory Catfish eat snails? Cory Catfish do not eat alive adult snails Only if these fish are starving, they will try to eat alive snails. Depending on the snail species, Corydoras might eat the snail eggs or very young, baby snails because their shells are softer.

Do cory catfish need a heater?

Catfish require warm water that’s between 74 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose an aquarium heater with 5 watts of power for each gallon of water in the aquarium A large aquarium may need a heater at either end.

Do cory catfish need an air pump?

Yes, cory catfish need a bubbler Even though cory catfish can swim up to the surface and gulp oxygen in order to breathe, a bubbler or air pump will provide consistent oxygen in the water. Too little oxygen in the water might eventually cause your cory catfish to become stressed or even fall ill.

Do cory catfish swim a lot?

The reason why your Cory Catfish is swimming crazy is because of stress or dissatisfaction with their environment There are many possible culprits for this behavior such as bad quality water, poor tank conditions, improper feeding, or tank mates.

Why do Cory fish swim to the surface?

Cory catfish swim to the top because they need to breathe Cory catfish often come to the water surface to gulp air with their mouths. While this is a natural cory behavior, if your cory does this often, it’s because there isn’t enough dissolved oxygen in the water.

Can cory catfish have cucumber?

Depending on the fish you have, your cory catfish may accept vegetables, more so cucumber and pea , though veggies are not their favorite meal.

Where do corydoras lay their eggs?

It might take up to a few days, and when females lay eggs, they will do it on the walls of the tank and plants If you went for the second strategy and allowed your Cories to breed in the main tank, now you will have to get the eggs as fast as possible to the new tank.

Do Corydoras eat flakes?

Fish Flakes A good flake is somewhat of an essential staple if your Cory cats are in a community tank You can use the flakes to distract your other fish so you can feed your Cory directly, and any leftover flakes that sink to the bottom can be eaten up by your Cory, too.

How many cory catfish in a 20 gallon long?

You should also consider your tank size when deciding how many cory catfish to have. As a general rule, an inch-long fish requires around one gallon of water in the tank. Thus, depending on the cory species, you can keep between five and ten cory catfish in a 20-gallon tank.

Can goldfish live with Corydoras?

Cory catfish generally aren’t a good idea for goldfish tanks because they’re small enough to fit into a goldfish’s mouth and often have spines in their fins. But what if you could get a giant corydoras? Enter the Brochis multiradiatus, also known as the hog-nosed catfish or Corydoras multiradiatus.

Can you have just one cory catfish?

No, you can’t have a single cory catfish Cory catfish are schooling fish and thus, feel happier with other corys around. A single cory catfish will feel lonely and stressed.

Can African dwarf frogs live with cory catfish?

Some of the best tank mates for African Dwarf Frogs include the Pygmy Corydoras (Corydoras pygmaeus) and Julii Corydoras (Corydoras julii) Both are especially hardy, not too large, attractive, and easy to find!.

Why is my cory swimming upside down?

If an aquarium fish is listing to one side or flops over on its back, it often means it has swim bladder disease , a potentially life-threatening condition usually brought on by parasites, overfeeding or high nitrate levels in the water.

How can you tell if a Cory Catfish is male or female?

Female pepper corys are generally larger overall than males and more rounded in the belly When viewed from above the difference is more obvious, as the female is much wider than the male. The male has a significantly larger dorsal fin, and their anal fin is more pointed than the female.

Can Cory catfish live with Plecos?

Corydoras This is another catfish species, that works well together with Plecos The best part about the Cory Catfish, is the fact that it’s easy to care for it. You don’t need much expertise to keep them in your tank.

Can guppies live with Cory catfish?

Cory Catfish You can keep Cory Catfish with guppies but also other freshwater species because they get along with just about any other freshwater species.

How much do cory catfish cost?

On average, Cory Catfish cost anywhere between $3 and $10 per fish This highly depends on the species though and some rare species can cost more than $60/piece!.

Do Corydoras like brine shrimp?

You can feed them herbivorous foods and omnivorous foods, in terms of pellets. Also, adding in some treats like freeze dried brine shrimp or tubifex worms will be greatly appreciated As well, a variety of blanched veggies will be appreciated too.

How many cory catfish in a 30 gallon tank?

You can keep up to 18 Cory catfish in a 30-gallon tank.

Do Corydoras like strong current?

Cory Catfish These fish don’t just tolerate a strong current , but they rely on one to stay happy and healthy.

Do corydoras like plants?

Corydoras like live plants which they can forage off of and plants that are large enough to act as hideaways. Be it a big bush or a big plant with broad leaves, a corydora isn’t super picky in what it likes, but some live aquatic plants are better suited for the catfish than others.

Do catfish like sand?

A little-known fact is that many species of fish actually consume sand. They do this to help out with digestion. For catfish and other burrowing species, sand is the prime substrate choice , as rocks and pebbles can injure these fish and prevent natural feeding behaviors.


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