How Big Do Glass Catfish Grow?

Size. The average glass catfish size is 4-6 inches in length This is larger than a lot of aquarists think, maybe because a lot of translucent fish are on the smaller side. Their size is impacted by genetics and the quality of care they receive.

How big do ghost glass catfish get?

Glass Catfish are endemic to Thailand and are also known as the Ghost Catfish or Phantom Catfish. They are the most beginner friendly catfish and are well known for their eye catching appearance and timid personality. These catfish grow between 4-5 inches long and can live for up to 8 years.

Is glass catfish Hardy?

Although popular, the Glass Catfish, which grows to four inches, is not as hardy as many other aquarium fish It must be kept in a group in a spacious tank with subdued lighting.

Can I keep 3 glass catfish?

Due to their schooling nature, having around 6 in the 30-gallon tank is best. This means keeping 1 Glass Catfish for every 5 gallons You need to give them plenty of space because if not, health risks can arise. Diseases and other growth defects can pop up if you overcrowd your tank.

Can I keep glass catfish with angelfish?

The glas catfish are best kept in a well-planted tank with relatively quiet tankmates. The angels might work, but not with guppies and tiger barbs The angels will eat the guppies, the barbs will nip the angels fins, and the it would all be too much for the glass catfish.

Are glass catfish fin nippers?

Glass Catfish Temperament If they’re too aggressive, they may start nipping your betta or in some cases attack him Obviously, this isn’t what you want to happen in your tank. Because it can often result in one or all of the fish becoming stressed and eventually dying.

Can glass catfish live with shrimp?

The Ghost Glass Catfish, like most catfish, is a predator, but it has a relatively small mouth. It is not compatible with dwarf shrimp and very small fish. It will eat any animals that will fit in its mouth, but is otherwise completely peaceful with all other tankmates.

How big do bumblebee catfish get?

At a typical adult size of 6 inches (15 cm) , it is a perfect bottom dweller for the medium to large aquarium and it is an excellent tankmate for most other fish that are too large to be considered prey. The Asian Bumblebee Catfish is generally peaceful, although it can be territorial with other bottom dwellers.

Do glass catfish like to hide?

Their Behavior They like free-swimming and will swim around usually in the middle of your tank. They are peaceful, get along with other fish and do well in community tanks. They mind their own business and you may find them hiding away between plants and other decorations in your tank to avoid sunlight.

Do glass catfish need a filter?

Tank Setup Ideally, you will want to have 1 glass catfish for every 5 gallons. For filtration, you’ll want to outfit your tank with an underwater gravel filter Besides, you will need an aquarium filter that cycles through the entirety of the tank’s water 3-5 times a day.

Do glass catfish eat fry?

While glass catfish are generally peaceful, they have been known to prey on fish fry and eggs.

Can glass catfish live with guppies?

Guppies are a perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of extra space and need a little fish who will adapt to the environment. Guppies are very hardy and peaceful little fish that can coexist nicely in a tank with glass catfish You can keep a pair, or several, in one aquarium, permitting there is enough room.

Can glass catfish live with goldfish?

Corydoras catfish mature at less than 4 inches long, making them potential tank mates for smaller species of fancy goldfish Synodontis catfish top out at 8 inches, making them potential aquarium mates for larger common and comet goldfish.

What should I feed my Glass Catfish?

Few species of aquarium fish are as picky about their food as the glass cat. Because they thoroughly enjoy meaty meals, you should start them out on live, frozen or freeze-dried worms Bloodworms and tubifex worms are a good choice for these transparent omnivores. They’ll also appreciate brine shrimp from time to time.

How big do Raphael catfish get?

Description and behavior The striped Raphael catfish also has tiny and curved protective spines running along its body. The typically reported maximum standard length of this species is 20–24 cm (7.9–9.4 in).

How big do honeycomb catfish get?

A small fish, the honeycomb cat reaches a maximum size of only about 2 inches (5 cm) C. perugiae is covered in a pattern of large black spots separated by a white network, hence the name “honeycomb.” They’re a truly pretty fish, with a delicate pattern.

How big do gulper catfish get?

The gulper catfish grows to a standard length of 25 cm (9.8 in), and a total length of 28.5 cm (11.2 in) It has a short, thick-set shape and is dark-colored with a whitish belly. People in its native range typically will not eat it because they consider it very ugly, but it is sometimes kept in aquariums.

Do Glass Catfish lay eggs?

The females will lay the eggs on the aquarium plants Continue to simulate rainy season conditions. You may need to remove some of the water from the tank so as to able to add small amounts back daily.


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