Can You Use A Downrigger On A Kayak?

How many lines can you run off a downrigger?

Active Member. If you can run two downriggers with one line each and do it smoothly, then you should have no problem running 2 lines off each one Set up your first lines as you normally would. drop them 20′ and clip on your next line.

What size weight should I use on my downrigger?

Six to eight pounds is typical for most moderate depth freshwater applications and ten pounds is typical for saltwater (see weight table). The amount of weight needed on a downrigger is a function of the speed you are trolling and the depth you are fishing.

Can you trawl from a kayak?

Skippies can be frustrating on kayaks where a faster trolling speed is sometimes required to get their attention. I’ve found the answer to effective trolling is to use lures that impart good action at the speeds we comfortably paddle at , such as these bibbed hard-bodies.

How fast can you troll with a downrigger?

Most people troll at 1.5 to 3.5 mph How do you know if you are at the right speed? Sure, you can look at your GPS speed over ground readings, but you see your downrigger lines are almost straight at 2 mph.

Where do you mount downriggers?

Anywhere between the gunwale mounted rod holders will be fine. If you place them not too far forward of rod holder #2, you can put the rod (or one rod) in rod holder #2 while it is clipped onto the downrigger. You should never have to bend and lean to reach a downrigger.

How deep can you fish a downrigger?

A downrigger weight of eight pounds is adequate for fishing depths up to about 50 feet and speeds approaching 2.5 MPH. A 10 pound weight will be required for fishing depths in the 50 to 75 foot depths. When faced with depths ranging from 75 to 100 feet, a 12 or 14 pound downrigger weight is needed.

How much line do you need behind a downrigger ball?

For trout, you’ll want to run your offering from 50 to 200 feet behind the downrigger weight depending on the depth you are fishing. The deeper you fish the shorter your line can be. When kokanee and kings are the target you can shorten your lines considerably.

Are manual downriggers good?

Manual downriggers use a hand crank to retrieve cable. While they’ll give you forearms like Popeye if you’re trolling deep, they can be a great choice if you regularly troll above 75 feet.

Can you troll lures on a kayak?

Many kayak anglers, myself included, enjoy light tackle trolling for stripers from kayaks. Some anglers concentrate on deeper water, but kayak trolling in shallow water (often six feet or less) can be very effective.

How do you troll for trout on a kayak?

When trolling for trout in a kayak, the first thing to do is set up your rods properly. Choose no more than one or two light or ultralight rods, as this will be easier to manage. Then, let out some line and slowly paddle through the water. The movement of the kayak should attract trout and help trigger a bite.

What is a power pole on a kayak?

A Power-Pole is essentially an electric motorized stakeout pole The original version was designed to keep bass boats in place while fishing. Fast forward a few years later and Power-Pole adapted this technology for kayaks and other small boats.

What does a down rigger do?

Downriggers are an efficient way to put live bait and lures in precise zones of the water column , and all anglers know that being in the right depth leads to more fish in the box. Downriggers are consistently used to target king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, grouper, among others.

Do you use downriggers for walleye?

As always, you want to fish for walleye around ledges or other structures. Most walleye fishers recommend using pancake weights because they are skinnier and produce less drag. Some downrigger users also attach a dodger or a fishing spoon between the release and the lure to further attract the walleye.

What are downrigger weights?

A downrigger consists of a three to six-foot horizontal pole which supports a cannonball, generally 10 to 15 pounds , by a steel cable (generally stainless steel or wire). A clip, also known as a “release,” attaches a fishing line to the cannonball weight.

What size trolling motor do I need?

Boat weight is the most important consideration to take into account when choosing a trolling motor. A beginning rule of thumb is that you want a minimum of 2 lbs of thrust for every 100lbs For example, if you have a 3000lb boat, fully loaded, then the calculation is (3000/100) * 2 = 60lbs of thrust.

How do you troll for bass in a kayak?

Pick a bait, drop it back at least 100-feet behind the kayak and start peddling. Verge deeper until the bill starts grinding the bottom. Take a reading off your electronics. If it says 15-feet, that’s how deep your bait is running with your exact line type and weight on the troll.

How do you troll spoons on a kayak?

If you’re using a spinner, spoon or crankbait, cast it straight behind the kayak as you move Then, put your rod in a rod holder and continue paddling to maintain speed. You can pause long enough to let more line out if needed.

How do I make my lures deeper when trolling?

If you need to go deeper, just let out some backing until your target depth is reached On the lure end of the line, remove a short section of lead as before and tie on a size 18, or smaller, barrel swivel. Now use a 10 to 15 foot mono or fluorocarbon leader to tie on the lure.

How fast do you troll with a Rapala?

“We troll at two miles-per-hour and all we catch is white bass and sheephead,” Holst explains. “We throw a little speed at these fish, and all we catch is walleyes.” Lots of walleyes.

What speed do you troll for lake trout?

It is common practice to troll for lake trout at a speed of 1.5 mph In fact, this is actually an effective trolling speed for lakers, when the fish are in deep water.

Do you set the hook on salmon?

3. Salmon have a hard mouth: It’s almost impossible to hook a salmon that is pointed straight at you. They must turn at an angle to get hooked. The cookbook method on hooking your bites is to stop the moment you feel the bite – don’t set the hook , don’t reel.

Are downrigger mounts Universal?

The DR universal downrigger mounting base is drilled and tapped to accept a wide variety of downriggers such as Scotty, Big Jon, Walker, Cannon and others.


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