Can I Use A Spinning Reel For Musky?

spinning reels should be fairly large when fishing for musky The Daiwa Black Gold series was designed for saltwater and works great for musky fishing. It has quality components with excellent drag and bail systems. The 4500 is a good match for the St Croix rod above.

How long should a musky rod be?

We find that a rod length of around 8 feet is the “sweet spot” when fishing for musky. It gives you plenty of length and strength for casting the large lures, yet it’s much easier to handle than a 9-foot rod.

Can you use a medium heavy rod for Muskie?

Typically, shorter individuals that are on low decked boats or fishing from a bank, won’t need a rod over 7′ and beginners should stick to medium weight tackle so a Medium Heavy rod will do fine I recommend a Musky Shop Shield Rod or St. Croix Mojo Musky.

What is a 7ft heavy rod good for?

1. 7-foot, medium-action spinning rod. This is going to be the “bread and butter” rod for many anglers. You can use this rod for any type of weightless soft plastic, shaky heads, ned rigs, lightweight Texas rigs and any other finesse technique you may favor.

What rod should I use for muskie?

Rod Length for Musky For most applications a good fishing rod for muskie will generally fall into the range of between 7.5 feet and 9 feet in length Trolling rods for musky can be on the shorter end of this range whereas a baitcasting rod for musky would be in the higher end of the range.

What is the best gear ratio for a musky reel?

Okay, so I’ve bought countless musky reels to find the “right” gear ratio. 5.0 to 5.2 is my sweet spot. It is the best all around gear ratio for doing anything you want. Put the right power handle on there and you can burn double 10’s or 12’s if that is what you want to do.

What is an extra heavy rod good for?

This 7’4″ Extra-Heavy Extra Fast rod is the lightest, meanest flip stick available. With a fast tip to help you cast and work your bait and the strongest backbone of any rod in our lineup, this rod is a game changer for heavy cover and flipping.

How much drag do you need for musky fishing?

Look for reels that have a minimum of 12 pounds of drag, 15 pounds of drag is adequate , any more than that is probably a waste of money. Any less than 12 pounds, the reel won’t last very long before it needs repair.

What is a 6’6 medium spinning rod Good For?

If a 5wt 9′ is the all-around trout fly fishing rod, the 6’6″ MLF could be considered it’s equal- Versatile. Shaky heads, tubes, light jigs, ned rigs, split-shot rigs, drop shotting, small inline spinners, and even small crankbaits and topwaters, the Medium Light is a great do-all rod for finesse style fishing.

What is a medium heavy spinning rod Good For?

Medium or medium-heavy action rods are often a great choice for lures with treble hooks or for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and bladed jigs that are fished fast and generate “reaction” strikes.

What is the best rod for casting long distance?

ROD SELECTION Look to a rod that suits your style of fishing. For most long-distance casting situations, a 10- to 12-footer capable of casting 1 to 8 ounces or more of weight (including sinker and bait) is a good choice. Also consider rod action and power.

What size reel do I need for a 7 foot rod?

Choosing a fishing rod to go with this size reel: A 2000 or 20 sized reel being a quite small reel ideally will suit a fishing rod between 6ft – 7ft 6 inches in length that has a line class rating somewhere between 2-5Kg.

What is a 3000 size reel good for?

A 3000 size spinning reel is more suitable for medium sized fish (such as bass or pike), due to being lighter in weight, while a 4000 is better for bigger fish (such as muskie), or for saltwater fishing.

What pound line should I use?

Line Strength It should roughly match the weight of the species you are fishing for (e.g. use line in the 30-pound test for tuna in the 30-pound range). A typical line to cast for trout would be 4-pound test. Consider braided line of 30-pound test or more if you go after large game fish.

How far can you cast a spinning rod?

25-30 yards is the norm Most anglers proficient at casting average 25-30 yards, depending on their tackle and wind conditions.

What is a 1000 size reel good for?

The 1000 or 10 size reel is ideal for fishing with 2-to 4-pound test monofilament line I pair this reel with an ultralight rod measuring either 4 1/2- to 5 1/2- feet long. This is a great combination for trout fishing and small panfish such as bluegill and yellow perch.

What kind of spinning rod should I get?

Ultra-heavy rods are meant for much bigger fish like groupers. Most offshore fishing will require some sort of heavy-power rod, whereas smaller ponds will have smaller fish, and thus an ultra-light to medium-power rod should do just fine!.

What are fast action rods good for?

Fast action fishing rods bend a very small amount. That makes them great for large game fishing or if you are in a situation where you need to get the fish’s head up and out quickly A couple of common fish to target with a fast action rod include pike, largemouth bass, striper and plenty of other species.

What is a moderate fast action rod good for?

Moderate-fast action rods will provide more casting distance and still provide sufficient hook setting power. The Moderate to Slow action blanks are usually good for multi-hook lures such as crank baits and top water lures or other reaction baits such as spinner baits, rattle baits and jerk baits.

What does a fast action rod mean?

The fast or slow action describes how quickly the rod will pull back when you apply force Fast action is useful for big, strong predators in deep water.

What is a 8.1 gear ratio good for?

High gear ratio reels | 7.1:1 thru 8.1:1 High gear ratios are best for techniques where taking up slack and bringing a bait back to the boat are critical. Topwaters, jerkbaits, jigs, plastics and even lipless crankbaits warrant the use of a high-speed reel.

What is a 7.1 1 gear ratio good for?

Medium speed baitcaster Next, we’ve got medium speed reels, which includes models with a gear ratio from 7.1:1 to 7.9:1. This is a really good standard gear ratio for baitcasters that can be used for a wide variety of fishing tactics – anything involving spinnerbaits, chatter baits, or shallow diving crankbaits.

What is the best gear ratio for flipping and pitching?

By today’s standards 9.1:1 is worth consideration and there are several new reels with ratios above 10:1. Good Luck and Good Fishing!.

How many fishing rods should I have?

Many Rods Allows Instantaneous Change of Presentation Hooking into fish is often times about being ready when the opportunity arises. Many serious bass anglers will have at least 3 rods on standby to fish most scenarios that could arise. They have a medium action bait caster to pitch plastics deep near cover.

What is a 7/11 rod used for?

The Impulse 7′ 11″ Heavy power rod with a great parabolic moderate action, this makes it ideal for big baits. This rod was designed for deep diving crank baits, umbrella rigs and large swim baits.

What action rod is best for crankbaits?

A good crankbait rod should have a relatively slow action In other words, the rod should start to bend down about half way down when moderate pressure is applied to the top section. Fast action means that just the top third will bend with the same pressure.


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