Are Greys Carp Rods Any Good?

Greys’ ‘Powerlux’ nano carbon is pretty much as good as carbon gets , at least within the confines of rod building, and the power in the blank is obvious from the very first cast. Most rods feel crisp first time out but where lesser blanks fall down is in use over time.

Who owns free spirit rods?

The shop is now run by Anthony, Matthew and Lewis , the youngest brother, along with the other staff that now total nearly 20, all of which are experienced anglers.

Which carp rods are best?

  • 1) Shimano TX-7 Carp Rod
  • 2) Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods
  • 3) greys prodigy gt4 rod 50mm
  • 6) Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods
  • 7) Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods
  • 8) Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods
  • 9) Greys Stalking Rods
  • 10) JRC Contact Carp Rods.

Are 10ft carp rods good?

Many anglers prefer 10-foot carp rods for fishing rivers and small lakes This shorter length rod is also ideal for stalking carp around the margins because you can get amongst undergrowth and around trees much easier.

Is Greys a good fishing brand?

Hardy has developed the Greys brand such that it now includes the best value for money ranges of salmon and trout tackle available and top quality carp tackle.

Are Free Spirit rods any good?

This results in a rod that doesn’t loose its action and test curve over years of use and truly is a rod that will last you a lifetime. Finished with an attractive 3k weave and the trademark Free Spirit perdurable finish, these rods look good, but perform even better.

Where Are Free Spirit rods made?

All the Hi-‘S’ and ‘S’ range rods are hand built in the UK We have some of the best rod builders in the country with many years of experience assembling rods to our exact requirement.

Who underwrites Free Spirit Travel?

Cover is provided by International Passenger Protection Limited, IPP House, 22-26 Station Road, West Wickham, Kent BR4 0PR, United Kingdom and is underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe SE (The Insurer).

What is the best length carp rod?

most carp rods are 12ft-13ft in length. You should choose the length which feels most comfortable but bear in mind that you will need to be reasonably tall and strong as well as having a good technique to get the best out of a 13ft rod. In situations where there are overhanging trees, a longer rod can be a hindrance.

What is the lightest carp rod?

Daiwa’s new Basia AGS is the world’s lightest carp rod.

Why do carp rods have big eyes?

On spod rods, you may find the tip will have a larger eye because braid will take its toll eventually if used on your standard carp rods This larger ‘eye’ will be more robust and stand out to the rigors of braid.

How far can a 9ft rod cast?

They range between 6’6″ and 9′ and the heavier rated rods can cast up to 3oz I can cast all day long – accurately and to distance if needed, zero issues. I also have three hi s 10ft 2 3/4 and zero issues there – easily hit up to 100 yards using a 2.5 oz lead, although I don’t tend to use them over about 50yds.

What test curve is best for carp fishing?

Carp rod test curves explained A 3lb-test-curve rod is now classed as an all-rounder, with 3.5lb and 3.75lb test curves more suited to casting long distances A 2.75lb or 2.5lb rod will be softer and arguably more fun but won’t have huge casting power.

What are the best retractable carp rods?

  • Which retractable carp rods are best? These take some beating.
  • JRC Extreme TX2 2-Man Dome Review.
  • Greys GT2 Rods Review.
  • Sonik’s alarms just keep getting better…
  • Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?!
  • Okuma Inception 6000 Reels Review.
  • Mitchell Full Runner MX6 5000 Reel Review.
  • TFGear Survivor 5 Rod Holdall Review.

Are freespirit bikes any good?

All geared bikes are fitted with Shimano making Freespirit an exceptional value for money brand backed by a favourable warranty policy Freespirit is a trusted brand that meets all the needs of family cycling. Freespirit has been supplying bike shops with a full range of bicycles for the whole family since the 1980’s.

What is a free spirited person?

Definition of free spirit : a person who thinks and acts in an uninhibited way without worrying about normal social rules : nonconformist Their daughter is a real free spirit.

Can you use any rod for carp?

2.5 to 3 – Pound Test Curves – These rods are great for an all-around carp fishing rod. They work well for big and small fish while also allowing for decent distances when casting. 3 – Pound Test Curves – Any rod with 3 lbs test or greater are mainly for reaching great distances and casting heavier leads.

Are caperlan rod any good?

Caperlan is one of the best company Caperlan is one of the best company all over the world and its quality is best in this price range.

What is special about a carp rod?

The Medium action rod is probably the most common ‘action’ of Carp rod as a generalization. They have good power in the butt section to control fish and are capable of casting medium sized leads to distance , additionally the rod tips are usually still very supple allowing a good action to play fish under the rod tip.

Are Short carp rods any good?

“In terms of balance, you obviously don’t want a tiny rod with a massive big-pit reel on the end, so if you are looking at fishing at any real range then I would certainly go for the longer rods “The smaller rods create a much smaller arc during casting which just doesn’t provide as much power.”.

What does test curve mean on a fishing rod?

Put simply, test curve is the weight required to bring the tip of the rod to a 90-degree angle to the butt while the butt is held horizontally Imagine a rod clamped into a horizontal position by its handle. If you attach a weight close to the tip ring, the rod will begin to curve.

What is a through action rod?

The bottom-most rod has a through action – like most Avon rods. It bends right through the blank as the weight pulls down on the tip.

Do Hardy own Greys?

In 1999 Hardy acquired the rod manufacturer Greys which had been founded in 1968 by Mr Grey when he left Hardy’s employment. Hardy has developed the Greys brand such that it now includes the best value for money ranges of salmon and trout tackle available and top quality carp tackle.

Where are Century rods made?

Century lives to push the boundaries of performance Our rods are manufactured in a state of the art factory based in the UK that is equipped with the most up to date technology and machinery. We are in our fourth decade of investment in research and design purely focused on making the finest tackle.

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How much weight can a 3lb test curve rod cast?

As a rule, if you take your rod test curve number, and add a quarter of an ounce, you have the optimum casting weight. So, for a 3lb test curve rod, a lead of 3.25oz would be the best to get the maximum from the rod.

What’s the difference between a carp rod and a normal fishing rod?

Unlike general fishing rods, carp rods are sorted by the test curve How the test curve is measured is explained below. A carp rod of 2.5lb or 2.75lb test curve will cover most waters but ask advice from the tackle dealer as he will know most of the waters in the area.

What is the best rod for casting long distance?

ROD SELECTION Look to a rod that suits your style of fishing. For most long-distance casting situations, a 10- to 12-footer capable of casting 1 to 8 ounces or more of weight (including sinker and bait) is a good choice. Also consider rod action and power.

How can I improve my casting distance?

  • Use The Right Rod/Reel. To maximize casting distance, you need to choose the proper rod, reel, and line
  • Use Lighter Line
  • Don’t Throw As Hard.

How far can a carp rod cast?

This particular model is very popular amongst anglers and for a good reason. It chucks up to an impressive 234 yards without compromising accuracy. This model is ideal for anglers looking to fish at a distance and over baited spots or similar conditions.


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